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Meltdown: How to Protect Your Windows Server

/ Technical

Meltdown is a serious vulnerability that has recently been disclosed. This article outlines how to make sure your Windows server is safe.

SSL – What You Need To Know

/ Technical

Security is on the mind of many people and for good reason. In this post Duncan explains what SSL is and why every website and application should have an SSL certificate, no excuses!

Large Scale Cyberattack Underway

/ News

A widespread cyberattack is currently (as of 13 May 2017) underway on Windows-based servers and desktops across the globe. Here's what you should know.

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SiteTech Group Acquires WebSlice Ltd

/ News

SiteTech Group is proud to announce the acquisition of WebSlice Ltd.

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WordPress 4.7.2

/ News

A new version of WordPress has just been released, fixing some critical issues - here's how you can update your installation.

2016: The Year in Review & New Features

/ News

We take a quick look back at what happened for SiteHost in 2016 and run through a couple of new features, Windows Server 2016 and custom images for Cloud Containers.

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Dirty COW: What You Need to Know

/ Technical

A serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel has been identified. Here's what we're doing about it, and what you should do as well.

2017 SiteHost t-shirt.

We're making another shirt!

/ News

After the great success of our previous t-shirt, we're making another one, and once again it's free!

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Headphone Jacks & Marketing

/ Products

Everyone agrees that Apple is great at marketing, yet there is still confusion around the iPhone 7 and the headphone situation. Ben takes a look to see if there's any lessons we can apply to what we do.

HTTPoxy and You: A Summary

/ Technical

An old exploit has reappeared - here's what we have done and what you need to know about it.

Customer Profile: Haunt Digital

/ Case study

Haunt Digital came to SiteHost in 2013 and quickly amassed quite the army of servers putting our platforms through their paces. We spoke to one of the founders Craig about Haunt’s experience with SiteHost.

VPS Plan Upgrades

/ Products

Today after many hours of hard work by our operations team, we are excited to announce disk upgrades across the whole range of our Linux VPS plans.

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