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WordPress Hosting Need to host WordPress? We’ve got you sorted.

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Our engineers are available 24/7/365. So take a break and relax, knowing that we’re here if you need us.

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We believe the best way to earn your trust is by being open, honest and delivering on our promises.

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We are a team of eclectic individuals, but we all love technology and making it work for our customers.

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  • is one of the lucky people rostered on for after hours support tonight. In the rare situation something goes wrong, and the rest of the team will get you back up and running nice and fast.

    Tuesday, 18th May

Our customers consistently rate their support experience as excellent.

Based on the last 200 support ratings we have received which are asked for on every ticket. Last updated: Today

When the team working on this website asked us to write a quick message about why we started SiteHost and why we think you should trust your hosting with us we thought it would be impossible to explain in just a few short lines.

Now we know it is. Nothing we write or show you will earn your business or your trust, that takes time. We also won’t promise you 100% uptime or that we will never make a mistake, because sometimes outages happen and can’t be avoided.

Instead, what we can say is that the whole team works hard each day to provide a better hosting experience than you can get anywhere else (that’s why we started SiteHost) and we would love the opportunity to earn your trust the proper way; slowly but surely.

  • Nathan Russ Director
  • Quintin Russ Director

Fantastic Geeks, Nerds & Perfectionists

  • Dylan

    Dylan likes to write code and ship things. Thankfully he's pretty good at it.

  • Lyndon

    Lyndon probably has enough servers at home to start his own hosting company. We know, it worries us too.

  • Ariel

    Ariel is our talented UI Designer & Developer. He enjoys video editing, photography, and gaming.

  • Matthew

    Matt is one of those rare people who is still incredibly passionate about new technology and pushing boundaries even though he’s been in the industry before javascript was cool or ‘the cloud’ were things.

  • Andre

    Andre loves helping people and solving problems. A good combo.

  • Diane

    Diane uses her attention to detail to ensure the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed.

WordPress Plans & Pricing

WordPress Shared Cloud Container

Perfect for one WordPress website that you are comfortable managing. This is a great place to start and get up and running fast with room to upgrade in the future.

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 2GB Storage
  • 24/7/365 Basic Support
  • Unmetered Domestic Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free One-Click SSL
From $35 /month (NZD + GST) Get Started
WordPress Managed Cloud Container

When you have multiple WordPress websites and you need the ultimate in support and proactive monitoring our managed plans are the right choice.

  • Multiple WordPress Websites
  • 2 Cores / 2GB RAM / 20GB Storage
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
  • Unlimited Domestic Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Automatic Backups
  • Automatic Server Updates
  • Free One-Click SSL
From $230 /month (NZD + GST) Get Started

Live in Minutes

Getting a WordPress website up and running with SiteHost only takes minutes. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

First choose a hosting plan by signing up or logging into the Control Panel and clicking the Add Service button at the top-right. Now select Cloud Container plan that’s suitable – if you're not sure we'll be happy to help. After choosing the Cloud Container will be created and everything needed to host your website will be set up automatically in a few minutes.

Step 2: Create the Container

Now you can create the container which will host the WordPress website by clicking Add Container. The quickest way to get a new WordPress website online is to use our WordPress image which can be found under the Application tab. This comes with an install of WordPress ready for you to configure.

Step 3: Deploy the Container

After naming your website click Deploy Container and your Container will be created and ready in seconds. In the background the installation of Apache, PHP, creation of databases, and install of WordPress is happening for you automatically.

Step 4: Setup your Domain

With your WordPress container ready to go you need to point the A Record for your Domain Name (like yourdomain.co.nz) to the IP address of your Cloud Container which will make it live on the internet. The IP address of the container can be found by clicking on it and looking under the Manage Container section on the left-hand side. If your Domain and DNS is with us then you can follow this article on how to set up the A Record.

Step 5: Enable SSL

Now that the Container is created you should enable SSL so that your WordPress website can be accessed securely, plus it is completely free!. Just select your Container under the Containers section and scroll down to the SSL option and click Enable. Now you can finishing setting up your website via your browser by simply visiting  your domain.

WordPress Hosting Features

world NZ Based Hosting

Our servers are hosted within our Auckland Data Centres, which ensures that your website is as close as possible to your target audience. Hosting locally will help keep your WordPress websites fast and responsive for your customers.

rocket Speed & Performance

Our servers use modern hardware that we have put through the grinder to ensure they offer excellent performance and reliability. Incredibly fast NVMe SSD storage is standard across our whole product range.

combinationlock Automatic Server Updates

We automatically apply important security patches and bug fixes to the Cloud Container platform hosting your WordPress website. This helps keeps your website secure and stable.

lock Secure SSL Encryption

Our Cloud Container platform is integrated directly with Let’s Encrypt out of the box, which means you get free, automated SSL certificates for every WordPress website with just a click of a button.

box Cloudflare CDN

We’ve integrated the Cloudflare global CDN within our easy to use Control Panel. All you’ll need is to set up a DNS Zone with us and then hit Enable. Then your WordPress website will be served around the world off Cloudflare.

headphones 24/7 Support

Our engineers are great at both technical support and at explaining issues in plain english for non-technical people. We’ll be here 24/7 to help with any issues that your WordPress website faces.

layergroup Modern PHP + MySQL

Running the latest versions of PHP and MySQL is a must if you’re wanting to get the best possible performance and security for your WordPress website. We support the latest version of both PHP and MySQL across our platforms.

dashboard Simple Caching

Our built-in caching solution can be enabled with just a click of a button. Caching can help reduce load times and increase performance for your WordPress website or application.

counterclockwise Automatic Daily Backups

We take a daily backup of your WordPress website and store it for 14 days in a secure offsite location, ready to go if you happen to need it. You can also create your own backup on demand via our Control Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can SiteHost build my WordPress website for me?

    We specialize in looking after hosting, not in developing WordPress websites. We do work with a lot of talented WordPress specialist Web Developers that we’d be happy to recommend you to. Get in touch with us and we’ll put in touch with the best-suited partner.

  • Can I transfer my existing WordPress website to SiteHost?

    Yes. You can set up a Container with us which you then copy your WordPress files over to or our engineers can take care of the transfer for you.

  • What version of WordPress do you support?

    Our hosting supports the most modern versions of PHP which is required to run the newest versions of WordPress. With us you should always be able to update your WordPress without having to worry about the server that’s hosting it.

  • How do I access my WordPress install?

    You will be able to access your WordPress installation via your-domain.co.nz/wp-admin once you have created the WordPress Container and setup the DNS.

  • Can SiteHost help me with WordPress specific issues?

    Whether the issue is being caused by the Server or the WordPress website we’ll be able to help. If the issue is within the application then we can make recommendations on how to fix it or put you in touch with a professional WordPress development company that can solve the issue.

  • How do I install WordPress?

    You can automatically install WordPress on one of our Cloud Containers with the use of a WordPress Image. You can read a more detailed step by step guide on how to create a WordPress container further up this page.

Options & Upgrades

A few options for those times when you need a little more or something a little different.

Key Statistics

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Our customers consistently rate their support experience as excellent.

Based on the last 200 support ratings we have received which are asked for on every ticket. Last updated: Today