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Host your Drupal development on a platform that works the way you want. From ready-to-go Cloud Containers to entire High Performance Servers you'll find the right mix of speed and flexibility with SiteHost. And because we're here to make developers as efficient as possible, it's all backed by great support.
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Run Drupal with New Zealand's fast, flexible hosting experts

For hosting infrastructure that's perfectly suited to PHP systems, including Drupal, look into your options with SiteHost. See why we're already home to some of New Zealand's keenest Drupal developers.

Drupal has some preferences in terms of how everything is managed from dev through to production. A lot of the solution architecture and development happens in the database and configuration rather than code. Moving the database around had always been a problem with Drupal. Now we have Cloud Containers for each of the sites on our SiteHost Private Cloud.

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Dave Sparks
Co-founder, Sparks Interactive


We run and maintain modern hardware, and we tune our hosting platforms for performance. See how quick Drupal sites can be with the right infrastructure under them.

Expert advice

You’re serious about Drupal development; we’re serious about hosting. So we listen to you first, then find the platform that fits your business best.


We fight data breaches with everything from isolated hosting environments to rigorous physical security. Our Certifications show that you and your clients can rest easy.


Be prepared for growth with virtualised platforms that are ready to scale when you are. Don't let server space, or an uncaring provider, hold you back.

Your choice of platform

Cloud Containers are most popular with busy PHP developers, or a super-fast High Performance Server, flexible Private Cloud, or Dedicated Server might suit you better.

Modern hardware

NVMe storage and incredibly fast CPUs make a big difference. We only run fast, modern hardware that meets our high standards and passes our performance testing.

Expert support

Our Support Team is on the job every hour of every day. We respond fast, we work hard for you, and we earn great feedback from the customers who rely on us.

Management options

Managed Hosting puts our team on your side. We monitor and maintain your servers so you have less to worry about. Just keep building great Umbraco websites.

What hosting would work best for you?

Run Drupal your way. Compare your options, or talk to us for tailored advice.

Cloud Containers
Flexible container-based hosting.
$ 35
Cloud Containers
  • 1-20 Cores
  • 1-100GB RAM
  • 5-500GB Storage
  • 1-200 Containers
High Performance Virtual Servers
Incredibly fast servers.
$ 40
HPVS plans
  • 1-30 Cores
  • 2-120GB RAM
  • 50-2400GB Storage
  • 1-4TB Intl. Bandwidth
Virtual Dedicated Servers
Low-cost dedicated hardware.
$ 170
VDS plans
  • 2-10 Cores
  • 15-75GB RAM
  • 400GB-1.95TB Storage
  • 500GB Intl. Bandwidth
Dedicated Servers
An entire physical machine.
$ 380
Dedicated Servers
  • 8-64 Cores
  • 32-512GB RAM
  • 4x1TB to 12x14TB storage
  • 500GB Intl. Bandwidth

Developers love SiteHost

When we're hunting around for hosting one of our primary things is support. That's always been key. I've hosted with a lot of American companies, and their support is either next to none, non-existent, or handed off to a call centre that's really not well connected to the company at all. So from my point of view, it's peace of mind.

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Dan Hay of The Fold.
Dan Hay
Director, The Fold

Over the decade (and more) that I've been using SiteHost, they've not only provided consistently good service, they've also made it a primary focus, even while growing their business, technology base, and services. I've not only received fast and friendly service every time I've contacted them but they are one of the very few technology companies I deal with who provide knowledgeable staff who can actually help. ★★★★★

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Trustpilot logo.
Avalon Systems Ltd
Trustpilot reviewer

We like having full control of Cloud Containers and direct access to code. Ultimately we have more control over what we have on SiteHost compared to other hosting providers. You guys actually listen to feedback, too. We talked about how CWP had live monitoring of disc space and memory usage, and pretty soon afterwards SiteHost had that as well.

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Carey (Central Station) - happy SiteHost customer.
Carey L.
Lead Developer, Central Station

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How reliable is SiteHost's infrastructure and support team? We'll let the numbers answer that.

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