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Your Own GPU For Your AI-Powered Workloads

Get out of tinkering mode and say goodbye to token-counting. Free up your AI to power the real gains that come when you can build and train models, score data, and run as much inference as you want.
Accelerating everything

Is your AI project at the tipping point?

When you're working on new AI-powered tool, shared resources make a good onramp. But you reach a point where round-the-clock access to your own resources, at a known cost, makes more sense.

Over the decade (and more) that I've been using SiteHost, they've not only provided consistently good service, they've also made it a primary focus, even while growing their business, technology base, and services. I've not only received fast and friendly service every time I've contacted them but they are one of the very few technology companies I deal with who provide knowledgeable staff who can actually help. ★★★★★

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Avalon Systems Ltd
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You're ready to accelerate

You've found the Hugging Face model to run, cleaned up your training data, and planned the embedding layer that will sit between them. It's taken a few trials, but the concept is proven, and the pieces of the puzzle are all there.

On-demand pricing is adding up

Per-token prices for tasks like embedding and training seemed cheap, but soon added up. Great AI-driven work doesn't come from one round of training or fine-tuning. With GPU Hosting, keep learning without racking up new bills.

It's time for sensitive data

For proof-of-concept you didn't dig too deeply into your business systems, but now you want to let your AI-powered tool read a lot more. Keeping those terrabytes of confidential data on your own server makes sense.

Queues are slowing you down

Lining up for shared hardware isn't a biggie when you're just seeing what's possible. But once your model is ready to add value to the way your business operates, speed matters. With full access to your own GPU, projects advance on your schedule.

You need to keep experimenting

AI is moving fast. Whatever you build, there'll always be more that you could do. The next new model is just around the corner. What new training technique will arrive tomorrow? With GPU Hosting you can keep trying things, keep learning, and keep delivering.

Your model is getting big

The more your model has to work with, the better it gets. But the larger your corpus, the more computing resources you need. Since inference needs more memory it's time to have your own massive, unshared allocation of computing power.

GPU Hosting Packages

Grab an option off-the-shelf, or talk to us about a customised build.

AMD Threadripper 3970X
$ 1900
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  • 2x NVIDIA RTX 3090 24GB GPU
  • 256GB RAM
  • 2x 3.84TB storage
Dual EPYC Milan 7513
$ 9200
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  • 8x NVIDIA A40 48GB GPU
  • 1TB RAM
  • 4x 7.2TB storage
Dual EPYC Milan 7713
$ 19000
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  • 8x NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU
  • 1TB RAM
  • 4x 7.2TB storage
Why SiteHost

GPU Hosting from an experienced supplier

Trust your GPU Hosting to a company that's been hosting since 2004, and which has already built AI-powered tools that we're using in-house.

Our AI project saw per-token charges build up. We waited days for a shared GPU. When our model was ready for all the data we wanted to feed it, the solution was to self-host. Now we're bringing our experience to your AI-powered projects.


We've run business infrastructure since 2004, and we still love new tech. We've even built and host our own AI-powered tools.

Great hardware

GPUs are in high demand, but our supply chain is robust. And we know how to assemble GPUs into blazing fast machines.

24/7 management

Managed Hosting means a 24/7 team monitors and takes care of your infrastructure, letting you stress less.


Our GPU Hosting comes at a fair monthly cost, no surprises. Avoid bill shock from hyperscale web services.

How good is it when SiteHost is on your side?

Let our customers tell you.

The first time we worked together, you helped us with an unglamourous and challenging migration. The helpful, responsive and caring nature of how you did that was a critical part in our decision to move the rest of our business to SiteHost.

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Brendan Jarvis, The Space InBetween - happy SiteHost customer.
Brendan Jarvis
Managing Founder, The Space InBetween

Fantastic local support that puts the 'big boys' to shame. Having used various other NZ based companies over the years, only to have them swallowed up by larger or overseas companies, it's a massive relief to have found SiteHost. Our previous providers support went downhill with each company takeover. Don't be tempted by the big competitors and overseas companies - support local and you won't regret it. Go with SiteHost. ★★★★★

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Aaron E.
Trustpilot reviewer

Since moving to SiteHost from another provider, I couldn't be happier with the service I've received. Right from the first enquiry to actually making my services go live, SiteHost understood what I wanted to achieve, gave me options I could decide on, kept me informed at every step and did what they said they would do in terms of implementation and cost. I would highly recommend SiteHost as a professional, competent, knowledgeable and reliable IT service provider. ★★★★★

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Emma J.
Trustpilot reviewer

Excellent NZ based hosting service, great online tools, cost effective ★★★★★

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Tim - happy SiteHost customer.
Tim Burrows
Google reviewer

Hey @sitehostnz, your support constantly knocks me over. I just got a phonecall checking in as a site had a critical error. Love your work! #HostLocal

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Your stuff just works and the couple of times I've needed support your team have been great.

GFM Web - happy SiteHost customers.
Bryan P.

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