2021 SiteHost t-shirt.
27 November, 2020

SiteHost Shirt (2021 Edition)

Ben / News

We're back for 2021 with another great free SiteHost shirt. Get in quick!

23 November, 2020

Customer Profile: Sunny Side Up

Ben / Case study

Brendan and Ben spoke with Nicolaas from Sunny Side Up - a successful web development agency in Wellington - about his story, Silverstripe, becoming climate positive certified and his experience with us over the years. The beautiful beach photos are courtesy of Nicolaas himself.

22 October, 2020

International Domains & ICANN What's Going On?

Ben / Domains

The international domain name market is going through some changes. Here's what's going on.

04 September, 2020

How We Deal With DDoS Attacks

Quintin / News

In light of the recent DDoS attack on the NZX more than a few of our customers have asked us how SiteHost mitigates DDoS attacks. So we thought we might put out a little post explaining what goes on behind the scenes at SiteHost should this ever happen to you.

01 September, 2020

New in Cloud Containers: Simple Cache & Port Management

Tim / Cloud Containers

Introducing Port Management, Settings UI and Simple Cache, the easiest way to boost performance.

20 August, 2020

New in Cloud Containers: Integrated Containers & MySQL 8

Leon / Cloud Containers

Announcing the availability of MySQL 8 and our new Integrated Containers for Cloud Containers.

16 June, 2020

Keep calm and cache: The early days of covid19.govt.nz

Quintin / News

Our story about the small role we played in the early stages of New Zealand's response to COVID-19.

15 May, 2020

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) Now Available

Max / Products

The latest LTS release of Ubuntu is now available for provisioning.

Padlocks - security.
29 April, 2020

Targeted Phishing – Be Aware

Ben / News

Today we've seen a targetted phishing attempt against our customers, get more information about it and protect yourself with 2FA.

Unite against Covid-19.
25 March, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Nathan / News

COVID-19 is impacting everyone in different ways and presenting unique challenges, we wanted to share what it means for SiteHost and the services that you have with us.

09 March, 2020

Beat The .NZ Price Rise

Te Omeka / Domains

The price of .nz is going up, but we've got a way for you to beat the rise and get some account credit at the same time, you'll just need to be quick.

20 February, 2020

Get Ready – Browser TLS Support is Changing

Ben / Cloud Containers

Browsers are about to change what versions of TLS they support. Make sure you're ready for this change and learn how Cloud Containers makes this easy.

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