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Cloud Containers

A fast, flexible and easy hosting platform. You haven't seen Containers like these.

Developer-friendly tools let you clone and sync, easily scale and flex, or just set and forget your hosting.

Independent environments

Work with Node.js, WordPress, PHP etc. with no interference.

Prebuilt or BYO images

Choose from dozens of images, or build your own.

Start fast

It only takes minutes to spin up a server and provision containers.

From $35/mo

Scale up, and up, and up, when you need.

It's simple, we've got our own custom Docker images that we can deploy and get up and running within a couple of minutes. The ease of getting it up on SiteHost is great. Anything that's Silverstripe or that kind of PHP project would be going onto SiteHost Cloud Containers.

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Ryan (Voyage) - happy SiteHost customer.
Ryan O'Hara
Director, Voyage

Containers have been huge! It makes things very easy. Also the support you guys offer is amazing...the best of anywhere.

Webfox - happy SiteHost customer.
James S.

We want to be part of taking Silverstripe to the next level and help a bunch of exciting New Zealand companies shine on the web....I think Cloud Containers are out of the box perfection, and could save people a lot of time and money. I hope more people see SiteHost as on par or better than the big international players like Amazon.

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Nicolaas (Sunny Side Up) - happy SiteHost customer.
Nicolaas F.
Director, Sunny Side Up
More flexible

Linux Virtual Servers

Cost-effective access to high-spec hardware.

SiteHost VPS guarantee your full resource allocation, NVMe storage, and features like automatic backups.

High-quality hardware

Modern hardware including NVMe storage and AMD CPUs.

Choose your distro

Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS out of the box.

Add management

Choose root access or 24/7 Server Management.

From $30/mo

Low-cost or high-spec, 6 plans cover budgets of almost any size.


Windows Virtual Servers

Run Kentico, Umbraco, or any other Windows CMS or application from your own powerful private server.

Access unshared resources and high-performance hardware, including NVMe storage.

High-quality hardware

Modern hardware including NVMe storage and AMD CPUs.

Windows Server OS

Run Windows Server 2022, '19, '16, '12 or '08.

Want admin access?

Choose admin access or 24/7 Server Management.

From $75/mo

Six plans cover a range of budgets.

Speed up

High Performance Virtual Servers

Almost 5x faster than our regular VPS platform, and quicker than a lot of international competition.

High-spec hardware runs Linux or Windows (coming soon) at incredible speeds.

Speed, and lots of it

Faster CPU speeds than similar Vultr, Linode or DO servers.


Plans are easy to compare and quick to spin up.

Add Management

Your choice of 24/7 Server Management or root access.

From $40/mo

Seven Linux plans from $40/mo; Windows plans coming soon.

SiteHost are by far the most reliable and competent hosting company we have used. If I had to choose a company for our VPS needs again, this is the company I would choose. ★★★★★

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Trustpilot logo.
Andy D.
Trustpilot reviewer

Just dialled my @sitehostnz vps up some extra disk. Everything worked flawlessly and its so quick, i love living in this utopian future!
<3 @sitehostnz :D

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Oddynz - happy SiteHost customer.
Beau Butler

@sitehostnz knocking it out of the park today as always, just saved me a bunch of frustration and potential keyboard damage, churrrrrr team!

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Ross - happy SiteHost customer.
Ross Hawkins
Best of both worlds

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Pay for a virtualised server, get dedicated resources that really perform.

Get your own physical drives and access serious computing power. Up to 17.6TB of usable storage, or the performance of 10 cores, 75GB RAM.

Storage or performance

Pick a Virtual Dedicated Server that's set up for your priority.

Your own physical drives

Own your drives' full read-write performance.

Add management

Choose root access or 24/7 Server Management.

From $170/mo

10 plans and 3 contract terms to fit your plans and budget.

Bare metal

Dedicated Servers

Choose a plan, or customise your own server, then we’ll build it and hand it over.

Ready to get serious? Plans go up to 512GB RAM, 12 x 14TB HDD storage, 32/64 cores. Install and run whatever you want.

Custom-built bare metal

Choose a plan or specify what you want us to build.

High security and privacy

Customise firewall rules, encrypt drives, it's up to you.

Add management

Choose root access or 24/7 Server Management.

From $380/mo

Save money on longer contract terms (up to 36 months).

Since moving to SiteHost from another provider, I couldn't be happier with the service I've received. Right from the first enquiry to actually making my services go live, SiteHost understood what I wanted to achieve, gave me options I could decide on, kept me informed at every step and did what they said they would do in terms of implementation and cost. I would highly recommend SiteHost as a professional, competent, knowledgeable and reliable IT service provider. ★★★★★

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Trustpilot logo.
Emma J.
Trustpilot reviewer

Reliability from SiteHost enables us all to get on with our own work without worrying if our infrastructure is failing.

SiteTools - happy SiteHost customers.
Robin G.

Total reliability - this is tempting fate but in the time I've had servers with you I have never needed to contact you for support around the usual issues that seem to plague other providers: lost packets, downtime from broken routers etc. That peace of mind and improved productivity (time to focus on valuable work instead of resolving problems) has been great.

Andy D
Blue Fusion
More compute than ever

GPU Hosting

Run the most powerful chips that we can get our hands on.

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence, incredibly powerful remote desktops, and other compute-heavy models on your own dedicated hardware.

NVIDIA chips

Your choice of GPU includes NVIDIA A100, A40, or RTX 3090.

System design

We'll work with you to design the right system at the right cost.

Custom built

Your hardware will be custom-built by our team.

No bill shock

Avoid complexity and know your monthly cost in advance.

Fixed-price enterprise architecture

Private Cloud

A private enterprise-level cloud, built to your specifications.

Dedicated servers, isolated from public nodes, where you can deploy as many virtual servers as you need.

Custom hardware

Two servers? Two cabinets? More? You tell us.

Manage VPSs your way

Provision as many VPSs as you like without worrying about cost.

24/7 management

Standard Management is included, so you can rest easy.

From $600/mo

One fixed monthly cost, whatever you do.

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Serious Performance

How's our infrastructure performing right now? What about the support team? Here are some numbers that your business can rely on.

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