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Our Auckland HQ is home to our very own data centre. It's an efficient, robust, modern facility that's already home to thousands of customers.

Data centre features

Our data centre is home to thousands of sites and apps, running on everything from VPS to Private Cloud. Whether you're hosting on one of our servers or you colocate your own, it's good to know that you're in a high-quality facility.

We have been in the infrastructure and hosting business for over 18 years, so expanding into our own data centre just made sense. It provides us with much more control over our platforms and is a natural extension of our core business. Now, when it comes to colocation, our customers can benefit from the technical expertise, reliability and support that we are known for.

Nathan Russ
Managing Director

Modern architecture

We use the latest UPS and in-row cooling technology. Our modern equipment is more efficient than legacy facilities. Efficient power infrastructure with purpose-built cooling makes a friendly environment for servers in an environmentally-friendly way.

Monitoring and response

There are always fingers on the pulse of our data centre. We have monitoring and alerting systems and sensors to notify us of issues, often before any of our customers are affected. Expert engineers are on call 24/7/365 to respond to (rare) emergencies.


Our facility is carrier neutral, so you have the freedom to choose your connectivity provider. We are also experts at engineering bespoke networks. A number of customers have chosen us because we're well-placed to provide novel connectivity solutions.


Resilience is designed into our data centre to ensure that there are no single points of failure. If our power supply fails for example, we have an advanced rapid switch-over systems and a Cummins standby generator. We have multiple cooling systems too.

384 solar panels

Our roof is covered in solar panels, which are a big part of our energy mix. On a sunny summer's day our 142kWp system is big enough for us to run almost entirely off-grid. On top of that, our solar installation offsets around 24,000 tonnes of carbon each year.


Regular security guard patrols, active monitoring and CCTV protect our physical site. Access to servers is monitored and controlled 24/7/365 with biometric scanners. Even then, individual racks or cages are secured separately from each other as well.

Elevated site

When Auckland gets soaked we're very well-placed. Our site is about 27m above sea level (27m higher than some other data centres in town), over 2km from the coastline, and at the top of a rise on our street. We're a safe distance from any flood plains as well.

Earthquake ready

Earthquakes are one of the biggest natural risks in New Zealand, and they deserve to be taken seriously. Our latest engineering report gave us a building code compliance rating of 187%, so we're readier than we need to be.

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An expertly designed, future-focused build

SiteHost has been a specialist, independent hosting provider since 2004. We invested in our own purpose-built facility in 2018. After building our reputation over many years in a notoriously tough industry, and with tons of experience to call on, it was time to have our own DC for our own gear.

Because hosting is the heart of our company, our data centre is part of our core offering. This sets us apart in an industry where many DCs are a byproduct of other services (like an ISP). It means that our data centre is designed to prioritise our hosting and colocation customers. This shows through in everything from infrastructure to technical support.

Because we knew exactly what we wanted, we built a great facility from scratch. We didn’t retrofit old gear into a poorly planned space. Knowing what works well (and what doesn’t), and we implemented those lessons here. That means a more usable, reliable and enjoyable facility as we grow and expand.

The focus and care that we put into it will benefit you as much as us. Whatever you run, you'll be operating in the facility that carries our reputation as a rock solid provider.

Can You Trust SiteHost? Ask Our Customers

We work hard on every customer relationship, and there's no better measure of success than what people say about us.

To me as a business owner, we’ve built our company on people as much as technology. SiteHost people turn up and meet us, so we know your faces and names. There are people behind the company, and it feels like it's a relationship and a partnership.

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Josh (Central Station) - happy SiteHost customer.
Josh L.
Managing Director, Central Station

The SiteHost team are awesome at helping out when they are needed, they are quick friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly based in New Zealand! I've been "in the trade" for 10 years and I've never consistently experienced the same level of support that we get from the SiteHost team. Keep up the great work! ★★★★★

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Trustpilot reviewer

Amazing hosting, SiteHost's team are always professional and provide excellent technical support without the hassle of going through call centres. The uptime is astounding and we've always trusted SiteHost to use reliable stable data centres that are physically secure as well as virtually. ★★★★★

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Zenox Law
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We have built the infrastructure and support team that your business can rely on, but we'll let the numbers do the talking.

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