Enterprise Solutions

We love an interesting challenge, so if you have a large project with unique enterprise hosting requirements or an existing project that needs a better, more robust solution, we would love to talk.

AWS/Azure Architecture & Management

One size doesn’t fit all and sometimes our infrastructure won’t be the right fit for your business, but our team and expertise probably still are.

Our team is experienced across a variety of cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. We can manage your current infrastructure, design a new solution to better suit your needs or simply help bring your infrastructure spending under control.

Price From $550 Per Month + GST

Expert advice on the AWS and Azure clouds.

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Bulk Bandwidth Packs & Pricing

Doing more traffic than is included in your plan? No worries, below you can find pricing for paying as you go or pre-purchasing bandwidth packs. Please note this pricing only applies for New Zealand based servers. For our other locations please get in touch.

National Bandwidth

The way national bandwidth is priced in New Zealand can be quite complicated depending on peering agreements and more. Rather than bore you with those details we've kept things simple. You get 2TB of bandwidth with every plan and extra bandwidth is cheap. Traffic inside the SiteHost network (for example local backups) don't count towards your usage.

Bandwidth Packs Price NZD, excl. GST
Local Traffic (doesn't leave the SiteHost network) Free
Pay As You Go (after 2TB) $0.05 / per GB

International Bandwidth

If you need additional international bandwidth above what is included in your plan simply pay as you go, or if your usage is a bit more predictable, pre-purchase a bandwidth pack for even better rates. Want a bigger pack than we have listed below? Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

Bandwidth Packs Price NZD, excl. GST
Pay As You Go $0.10 per GB
200GB $15 per month
1TB $70 per month
2TB $120 per month
4TB $200 per month

Bespoke Hosting Solutions

Great solutions to complex problems start with listening. We will ask the right questions of your team and listen closely to get a real understanding of your business and the requirements for your hosting.

From there we will work together to architect a sustainable solution with clear, easy to understand pricing on the right hosting platform for your business.

Price From $1500 Per Month + GST

Get the perfect bespoke solution for your business.

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Our Clients

SiteHost is proudly trusted by thousands of great developers, designers, and businesses. Here are just a select few of those.

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