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Looking for something out of the ordinary? If you have a large project with unique enterprise hosting requirements, we have the expertise. Or ask us to find a better, more robust way to manage your existing enterprise infrastructure.
Easily manage virtual servers on your Private Cloud.
Bespoke Solutions

Tackle big challenges with a bespoke partnership

Bespoke infrastructure solves complex problems in a way that fits your business. We work in a close partnership to design and implement exactly what you need.

Bespoke Infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure designed to fit your business perfectly, and managed round-the-clock.
$ 1500
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First we listen

We start by asking the right questions of your team, and listening closely so we understand your business and hosting requirements

Then we design

Once we know which problems to solve, and which constraints to recognise, we work with you on infrastructure architecture.

Then implement the perfect fit

Finally we get your solution installed and tested. The outcome is sustainable hosting that works for you, on the right platform, with clear pricing.

Experienced professionals

We have worked with clients and major banks and accounting firms to Government agencies. Whatever you require, we can deliver at almost any scale.

Top-grade hardware and facilities

Your specially-assembled infrastructure runs in our data centre on slick modern hardware, under the control of our professional team.

24/7 Management

Standard Management is included with all Bespoke Infrastructure. Engineers monitor your servers 24/7, and respond to alerts so you don’t have to.

Our client wished to determine if someone could disrupt their service through a Denial of Service attack. We called our good friends at SiteHost who, at short notice, were able to provide us with servers that could generate an appropriate volume of traffic. I don’t know of many other companies that could have provided that. You have the networking knowledge and skills, and expertise in the team to facilitate it. You were interested in understanding what we were trying to achieve, too. There are only a few providers in New Zealand that I’d trust to do that.

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Simon Howard
Founder and CTO, ZX Security

Over the years you have helped us out of a number of tricky situations where our infrastructure knowledge simply wasn’t advanced enough to solve it ourselves. We know we can rely on you and the way you help us has earned you a lot of loyalty. We speak a similar language in the way we provide services and that alignment is really important for us. We have complete trust in your abilities. When someone from your team says something, we believe it. That trust is critical. All trade is built on trust and you have that.

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Brendan Jarvis, The Space InBetween - happy SiteHost customer.
Brendan Jarvis
Managing Founder, The Space InBetween
AWS/Azure Management

Optimise your chosen cloud

Even if our infrastructure isn’t the right fit for your business, our team and expertise still can be.

AWS/Azure Management
Expert advice on the AWS and Azure clouds, including architecture and management services.
$ 550
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24/7 cloud infrastructure management

Lean on our experience with cloud platforms including AWS and Azure.

Solution design

Bring our cloud architecture expertise to whichever platform your business is on.

Spending control

See how we can cut your AWS or Azure bill down to size without compromising on hosting.

Bulk Bandwidth

Boost the capacity of your SiteHost plan or server

Doing more traffic than is included in your plan? No worries. We have pay-as-you-go and pre-packaged bandwidth that you can add on.

National Bandwidth

We keep national bandwidth pricing simple. Every plan includes 2TB of bandwidth, traffic inside the SiteHost network (for example local backups) doesn't count, and extra bandwidth is cheap.

International Bandwidth

If you exceed the international bandwidth in your plan you can either pay as you go, or pre-purchase a bandwidth pack for even better rates. Need something even bigger? Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

Bandwidth Packs and Pricing

This pricing applies to New Zealand based servers. For our other locations please get in touch.

National Bandwidth Price NZD + GST
Local traffic (doesn't leave the SiteHost network) Free
Pay as you go (after 2TB) $0.05 /GB
International Bandwidth Packs Price NZD + GST
Pay as you go $0.10 /GB
200GB (pre-purchase) $15 /mo
1TB (pre-purchase) $70 /mo
2TB (pre-purchase) $120 /mo
4TB (pre-purchase) $200 /mo
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Long-Term Relationships

We build long-term relationships on a foundation of great service, real communication, and technical expertise.

The SiteHost team are awesome at helping out when they are needed, they are quick friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly based in New Zealand! I've been "in the trade" for 10 years and I've never consistently experienced the same level of support that we get from the SiteHost team. Keep up the great work! ★★★★★

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Trustpilot reviewer

As we grew we were self-hosting some services which are now hosted by you (and others). Having someone else feeding and watering the servers is one less maintenance task we no longer need worry about.

AAE - happy SiteHost customers.
Rob I.

★★★★★ Ten years and counting as a satisfied SiteHost customer. Their customer service response times have been awesome on the few times we've needed to interact. Their communications have always been timely and to the point. The control panel is easy to navigate. No worries! ❤

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High Performance, Every Day

We have built the infrastructure and support team that your business can rely on, but we'll let the numbers do the talking.

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