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With the right tools at your fingertips, domain management can be quick and easy. We've built out systems to help developers, agencies, and other resellers easily take care of multiple domains alongside their hosting infrastructure.

Our company has been a client of SiteHost for over 6 years now - DNS and domain registration, email, and server services. As a website development and managed website hosting provider, our success depends on our upstream providers. This very much includes the "in-house" technical knowledge of those providers as well as high-quality products and services. SiteHost is a key upstream provider that enables our business to provide a high-level service to our clients. Our expectations are therefore very high and SiteHost has always exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend SiteHost. ★★★★★

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Mark Nugent (Smart Websites)
Trustpilot reviewer

See all your domains in one screen

See all your domains, their expiry dates, and more in a single screen - and manage domains in bulk while you're there.

DNS Management

The SiteHost Control Panel lets you manage the DNS Zones for any domain that's using SiteHost's Name Servers - wherever that domain is registered.

Huge range of TLDs

As well as being a .nz registrar, we offer country codes including .au and .uk, popular gTLDs like .com and .net, and niche TLDs like .shoes or .kiwi.

Reseller tools

Resellers can easily manage domains in bulk, including seeing upcoming expiry dates and renewing domains automatically or manually.

Free transfer (NZ domains)

So long as your .nz domain is more than 21 days away from expiry, you can transfer it to SiteHost without paying any renewal fees.

Powerful API

Build your own interfaces or other domain management tools by using the powerful SiteHost API to register, renew, and transfer domains.

Domain Pricing

The more domains you have with us, the sharper our prices get. Our most popular TLDs are shown below - for our full range of 50+ TLDs, see the Control Panel. (Prices are for annual registration, NZD + GST.)

Top-level domain 1-19 20-49 50-99 100-249 250-499 500-999 1000+
.nz 35.00 29.00 25.50 24.50 23.50 22.50 20.00
.com 36.00 32.00 29.00 28.00 26.00 25.00 23.00
.net, .org 37.00 34.00 33.00 32.00 31.00 30.00 29.00
.co 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00
.au 36.00 32.00 29.00 28.00 26.00 25.00 23.00
.uk 36.00 32.00 29.00 28.00 26.00 25.00 23.00

Transfer domains to SiteHost

You can manage domain transfers to SiteHost yourself, or get our Support Team to help you out. Either way, the first step is to Join SiteHost so you have access to our Control Panel.

For .nz domains the entire process can happen in minutes, and be cost-free. All you need is the UDAI code (which you can find via the provider you are transferring from).

Do it yourself via the SiteHost Control Panel

Once you have created a SiteHost account you can start transferring domains.

  • Typically, NZ domains are transferred immediately and you can start using our tools straightaway.

  • There's no need to pay to renew NZ domains with more than 21 days until expiry.

  • International domain transfers take longer, and require a 12 month renewal at the time.

Managed migrations from our Support Team

If you would rather have an expert do it, we can usually manage domain migrations for you.

Talk with us about your domains to learn how the process works, what we need from you (including the UDAI/EPP codes), and whether there will be a cost for our time.

If you don't already have a SiteHost account, you can create one now.

Eligible top-level domains

While you can register over 50 TLDs with us, transfers are currently limited to:

  • All .nz

  • .com

  • .net

  • .org

  • .info

  • .biz

  • .cc

  • .tv

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Being with SiteHost has given us easier management of domains and the ability to take care of subscriptions on behalf of clients.

Ben M.
Business IT Solutions

Have around 100 domains with SiteHost, and they are all very competitively priced, with very very good customer service always helping with any technical issues or queries we may have. Always easily reachable and local techs who really know their stuff. ★★★★★

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Andrew Nesham
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@andychilton I think highly of @sitehostnz in all regards; their DNS admin UI is one of the best. (Don't tolerate a crap UI for infrequent, critical tasks IMO.)

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Chris Burgess

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