International Hosting

Extend your business into the Pacific

If you need enterprise infrastructure in New Zealand or Australia, but your requirements might be too much for an average host to handle, talk to SiteHost.
New Zealand hosting for international clients.
Local expertise in the South Pacific

International Hosting

Work with us and connect your enterprise infrastructure to new customers and data sources in New Zealand and Australia. We have four data centres in Auckland and Sydney, and a lot of experience with unique networking or infrastructure requirements.

We’ve been in the infrastructure and hosting business since 2004, and we’ve owned and operated our own state-of-the-art datacentre since 2018. Our specialist expertise stands out in a country where a lot of DC space is run by ISPs. When international customers need a reliable and knowledgeable infrastructure provider we honestly believe that we’re ahead of the pack.

Nathan Russ
Managing Director

Real people who really care

Because we’re not a hyperscale behemoth you’ll get to know the people who are looking after your presence here. We’ll listen to understand what you want to get done, and we’ll find a way that works for you.

Connect to NZ and Australia

Get quick, robust connections out to New Zealand and Australia. Our three Auckland locations provide redundancy at almost any scale, and we’re also in one of Sydney’s premiere DCs. Draw on local data feeds and compute near the source.

International Hosting features

Why work with SiteHost?

Whatever hardware you're running, and whoever you're connecting with in this part of the world, there are some things you're sure to get as a SiteHost customer.

SiteHost's self-contained, temperature controlled data centre.

Bespoke networks are a specialty

We are experts at engineering bespoke networks, and will work with you to create the connectivity your business needs. We’ve been around since 2004, so there’s not much that we haven’t seen before.

Transit and peering the way you want it

SiteHost (AS45179) has an open peering policy, and peers publicly on AKL-IX and Megaport-IX (see more on PeeringDB). If you’d rather purchase your own transit or peering directly, we can help with that too.

BGP announcement of your IP space

Announce your IP space out of Auckland and/or Sydney. Whether you prefer Anycast or Unicast, we'll get you set up to quickly deliver content to local audiences. Just tell us what you want to be able to do.

24/7 expert support

Even though it’s a long way from home, your gear is in expert, experienced hands. There’s always a SiteHost engineer available, any time of day or night (whatever time zone you’re in).

Compute at the edge (of the world)

Smart computing happens at the edge, and we’re at the edge of the world. Crunch and serve data where your Kiwi and Aussie customers are, rather than pushing 1s and 0s across the world’s biggest ocean.

Your hardware or ours

Colocate your own gear with us, or choose from our range of dedicated and virtual servers. We can host a standard VPS, build dedicated machines to your specifications, or receive and set up colocated gear.

Data centres

Two countries, four data centres

Your gateway to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

Three New Zealand locations

In Penrose, Auckland, we own and operate AKL01. AKL02 is on the North Shore, adjacent to the Takapuna Southern Cross cable station, and AKL03 is in the city centre, New Zealand’s commercial heart.

Sydney - Prime Australian location

We are located with Equinix, near Sydney’s central business district with access to the Southern Cross Cable Head and extensive network interconnection in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Hear straight from happy SiteHost customers

We build long-term customer relationships on a foundation of trust, deep expertise, and high quality service.

The SiteHost team are awesome at helping out when they are needed, they are quick friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly based in New Zealand! I've been "in the trade" for 10 years and I've never consistently experienced the same level of support that we get from the SiteHost team. Keep up the great work! ★★★★★

See Bryan's review
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Trustpilot reviewer

Over the decade (and more) that I've been using SiteHost, they've not only provided consistently good service, they've also made it a primary focus, even while growing their business, technology base, and services. I've not only received fast and friendly service every time I've contacted them but they are one of the very few technology companies I deal with who provide knowledgeable staff who can actually help. ★★★★★

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Avalon Systems Ltd
Trustpilot reviewer

As a website development company, we've used a number of hosting and domain management companies over the last 20 years and SiteHost is without a doubt the best we've ever encountered. ★★★★★

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Slice of Pie
Trustpilot reviewer

Server options

From a simple VPS to something custom-built and huge, you'll find the servers you need right here.

  • 24/7/365 Active Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Support
  • Server Security Patching
Dedicated Servers
An entire physical machine.
$ 380
Dedicated Servers
  • 8-64 Cores
  • 32-512GB RAM
  • 4x1TB to 12x14TB storage
  • 500GB Intl. Bandwidth
Virtual Dedicated Servers
Low-cost dedicated hardware.
$ 170
VDS plans
  • 2-10 Cores
  • 15-75GB RAM
  • 400GB-1.95TB Storage
  • 500GB Intl. Bandwidth
Linux Virtual Servers
Control your own server.
$ 30
Linux Virtual Servers
  • 1-6 Cores
  • 1.5-48GB RAM
  • 15-360GB Storage
  • 100-600GB Intl. Bandwidth
Windows Virtual Servers
Windows hosting the way you want it.
$ 75
Windows Virtual Servers
  • 2-8 Cores
  • 2-16GB RAM
  • 40-200GB Storage
  • 100-500GB Intl. Bandwidth


Put your gear in our expert hands. Get your business hardware into New Zealand without leaving home. We’ll set things up just as carefully as you would.

Dropship gear straight to us

You can rely on our team to set up your gear and get it running. The same people who set up and run our data centre will look after your equipment with as much care as we give our own. 

Tell us the feeds you need

Some of our international customers are hooked into satellite feeds from local broadcasters. Some are collecting data from local sources and processing it here before sending it back home. So, what do you want to do here?

Run in a modern, NZ-owned DC

Our main Auckland data centre is incredibly modern, fully redundant, (partly) solar-powered, and expertly managed. Run by an NZ-owned company, it would make a great home for your colocated gear.

Ultimate reliability

We're so confident in our infrastructure and service that we'll let these live numbers do the talking.

Big brands trust us

SiteHost is proudly trusted by thousands of great developers, designers, and businesses. Here are just a select few of those.

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