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Reseller Domains and Email

With our Reseller Solutions your customers work directly with you for domains, email and hosting. Give customers access to their own sub-accounts through the SiteHost Control Panel, create your own tools using our API, or use our plugin for WHMCS integration.
Manage bulk domains easily through the SiteHost control panel.
Bulk domains

The easy way to supply domains

Registering and managing tens or hundreds of domains doesn't have to be tedious, confusing or frustrating. We make it easy for resellers with high-quality tools and service.

Being with SiteHost has given us easier management of domains and the ability to take care of subscriptions on behalf of clients.

Ben M.
Business IT Solutions
Fast start

If you're a SiteHost customer, you're automatically set up with a Domain Name Reseller account. There's no application process or secondary login - from the day you sign up you're all set to administer domain names through our simple Control Panel.

Control Panel

Take complete control of domain management via an intuitive, feature-rich Control Panel. Our Control Panel is optimised for excellent performance so you save time and get everything done very efficiently.

Powerful API

If it's possible with our Control Panel, then you can probably make it happen with the powerful SiteHost API. One great example: programmatic access to register, renew, and transfer domains. Enable two-factor authorisation (2FA) to generate your own API keys.

Help and support

Our support staff are highly skilled and on the job 24/7. Whenever you need help, and whatever isn't happening like it should, we're here with clear answers and quick response times. You won't find another team like us.

Reseller domain pricing

Our most popular TLDs are shown below. For many more options, see full domain pricing in our Control Panel. Prices below are for one year and exclude GST.

Bulk domains .nz .com .net, .org .co .au, .uk
1-19 $35 $36 $37 $80 $36
20-49 $29 $32 $34 $80 $32
50-99 $25.50 $29 $33 $80 $29
100-249 $24.50 $28 $32 $80 $28
250-499 $23.50 $26 $31 $80 $26
500-999 $22.50 $25 $30 $80 $25
1000+ $20 $23 $29 $80 $23

Email hosting and reselling

We have reliable email services available to all customers. Our plans cater to big or small users.

Email packages and pricing

Package specs Basic Package Reseller Package
Domains 1 Up to 40
Mailboxes 5 40
Storage 2.5GB 40GB
Price (ex. GST) $5/mo $40/mo

High performance, all day every day

Can you trust SiteHost? Here's how our infrastructure and support team are performing right now.

Join happy SiteHost customers like these ones

We build long-term partnerships and we work hard for every customer.

I like to recommend SiteHost as a local provider who can support their service... getting high quality domestically located support is harder than it should be and SiteHost seem to be one of the last bastions for this that I'm confident about endorsing.

Mark F.

Our company has been a client of SiteHost for over 6 years now - DNS and domain registration, email, and server services. As a website development and managed website hosting provider, our success depends on our upstream providers. This very much includes the "in-house" technical knowledge of those providers as well as high-quality products and services. SiteHost is a key upstream provider that enables our business to provide a high-level service to our clients. Our expectations are therefore very high and SiteHost has always exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend SiteHost. ★★★★★

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Mark Nugent (Smart Websites)
Trustpilot reviewer

As a website development company, we've used a number of hosting and domain management companies over the last 20 years and SiteHost is without a doubt the best we've ever encountered. ★★★★★

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Slice of Pie
Trustpilot reviewer

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