Customer Kudos

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We’re the chosen partner for thousands of teams and businesses – from small corner shops to large enterprises and government departments. No matter your size you can trust that we care and are here to help. Don’t take our word for it though, below you’ll find a collection of customer interviews and unsolicated feedback on Twitter that show we walk the talk. We look forward to working with you next.

Customer Profile: Sunny Side Up

Brendan and Ben spoke with Nicolaas from Sunny Side Up - a successful web development agency in Wellington...

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Customer Profile - i-lign (Legend)

Brendan met up in Wellington with Sean and Tony from i-lign Software, and talked about putting bad guys...

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Customer Profile: The Space InBetween

Ben spoke with Brendan Jarvis from The Space InBetween - a successful UX Design and Digital Agency in...

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Customer Profile - RIVER

A few weeks ago we had a coffee with Alex Osborn from RIVER, a Digital Innovation agency in...

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Customer Profile: Haunt Digital

Haunt Digital came to SiteHost in 2013 and quickly amassed quite the army of servers putting our platforms...

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Customer Profile: Cactuslab

Karl von Randow and Matthew Buchanan founded Cactuslab back in 2001 and have grown it into one of...

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Customer Profile: CarJam 

Since CarJam started back in 2007 they have been with us and grown on our platform from a...

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Sharing The Love

People saying nice things about us is always great to hear, but when they say it publicly without us asking it's even better.

kawaiicon @kawaiiconNZ

Our most honourable (and very understanding) hosting provider @sitehost, who has managed our disorganised array of…

112,358 others @xurizaemon

@andychilton I think highly of @sitehostnz in all regards; their DNS admin UI is one of the best. (Don't tolerate…

Anna-bolism @I_Grow_Things

Hey @sitehostnz, your support constantly knocks me over. I just got a phonecall checking in as a site had a critica…

Ross Hawkins @rosshawkins

@sitehostnz knocking it out of the park today as always, just saved me a bunch of frustration and potential keyboar…

Su Yin Khoo @ksuyin

@TheSewphist Sitehost have always been good to me

Daniel Millar @dbmtobiaz

@DanFaulknor Looks at google reviews.. 👀... then looks at @sitehostnz reviews... 🥰

Ian Simpson @IanTLS

@peabnuts123 Luckily I had @sitehostnz on my team to do a lot of the heavy lifting ♥

John Cortexiphan @yakmoose

How fucking awesome are @sitehostnz so fucking awesome...

Beau Butler @oddynz

Just dialled my @sitehostnz vps up some extra disk. Everything worked flawlessly and its so quick, i love living in…

Ryan O'Hara @ohararyan

Awesome working with the team @sitehostnz in the early days of the site. These guys are the…

Nigel Ramsay @nigelramsay

@musstard @wiifm @sitehostnz In fact, it’s a real vote of confidence in team @sitehostnz - you guys were chosen, w…

Glyn @SmurfWorks

Between @circleci and @sitehostnz I'm feeling rather empowered as a developer

Dirt and Rust @dirtandrust

Shoutout to @sitehostnz whose support is freaking outstanding. #fb

Sam McLeod @s_mcleod

@uiri00 @SwiftOnSecurity Can vouch for @sitehostnz - good bastards

El Bob Brown @gurubobnz

Y'know, those guys at @sitehostnz are awesome - making my life so much easier with their super quick responses to one-off problems :)

Glyn @SmurfWorks

I recently did a server migration with @sitehostnz to their container platform. I highly recommend using it for new projects.

John Cortexiphan @yakmoose

FYI @sitehostnz are rad. That is all.

Nate Dunn @nate

@IanTLS moved all our domains to @sitehostnz. Best thing we ever did.

Nate Dunn @nate

30 minutes from ticket to new IPs added to one of our servers. This is great support @sitehostnz!

Darren Wood‽ @darren

boom – those dudes at @sitehostnz bringing it like the pro’s they are!

John Cortexiphan @yakmoose

I love @sitehostnz That is all…

The Book of Dave @Spudooli

Aside from the awesome hosting and spectacular service, @sitehostnz gives great Christmas loving. Thanks guys for the cake and stuff

Rebecca Cox @theArtOfPeople

Can anyone recommend a good UK-based web hosting provider? Looking for the British equivalent of @sitehostnz or someone equally awesome!

Ross Hawkins @rosshawkins

Weee thanks @sitehostnz for a control panel and service that makes remote provisioning slightly less scary :)

Myles Beardsmore @mylesthedev

Loving @sitehostnz's Control Panel. Instant provisioning...Disk space doubled in 2 minutes... at a very affordable price! #Hosting

Nate Dunn @nate

One of our first major sites moved over to @sitehostnz's VDS platform. Very impressed so far.

ConvertworX @ConvertworX

Looking at hosting providers in NZ for a client's web app. @sitehostnz actually answered all questions by PHONE. I like. ^Eran

Nigel Ramsay @nigelramsay

Great article from the @sitehostnz guys on setting up a Rails and @cloud66 server at an NZ datacentre

Peter Asquith @wasabicube

@sitehostnz Enjoy! And thank you for the great service this year (as always).

The Book of Dave @Spudooli

Bloody @sitehostnz goes more mental every year the the Christmas loving. Thanks guys, you give good host! We love you.

Ian Simpson @IanTLS

@LittleCatDesign You just need a better host. People like @sitehostnz make it easy. Others, not so much.

Tim Archer @pixelace

@maisonetteDS tried many, @sitehostnz are the best. Aside from great service, reliable domain auto-renewal gives real peace of mind.

Michael Dunstan @michaeldunstan

Good people run @sitehostnz

Glue Design @gluehq

Shameless but genuine shout-out to Krish and the folks at @sitehostnz who did some major rainmaking for @karma_cola last week.

Lindsay Hill @northlandboy

[blog] SiteHost - Top-Notch Service

Regan Murphy @nzregs

@Indy_Griffiths now thats what i call great, and fast, #CustomerService - nice work @sitehostnz !!

Was Phantom @WasPhantom

These guys are doing it right. - “@aurynn: Sitehost: Zero to all done in an hour or so. Number of humans I had to wait on: Zero.”

Ian Simpson @IanTLS

@3monthsNZ We changed most of our sites from Webdrive to @sitehostnz a few years back. Smart move. @ryaninnz

Ian Simpson @IanTLS

Moving to @sitehostnz is one of the best things we ever did. Battling with old host again. Can't even keep FTP running reliably.

Darryl Hamilton @LordP

@aurynn SiteHost (@sitehostnz) are awesome, highly recommended

El Bob Brown @gurubobnz

Fast and snappy support with developing against the @sitehostnz API, thanks Quintin :)

Malcolm @emarref

@nzben @majicDave @sitehostnz the support is second to none also. Both in terms of response time and expertise.

Michael Andrew @HAZARDU5

@masonherber is pretty good. I've been using them for the past year or so. Servers are based in Auckland.

ajay murthy @_ajaymurthy

@CampbellGordon Yea that's the biggest advantage of going local. @sitehostnz have always been great to deal with.

Ralph Slooten @tjralph

If any of you Kiwis are looking for a great VPS & Domain service with awesome support and features, check out @sitehostnz

Malcolm @emarref

Once again, outstanding support and service from @sitehostnz

Ludwig Wendzich @ludwigw

Give @sitehostnz a call and the matter is resolved in mere minutes (was totally my fault! Not theirs. Yet they help quickly and friendly-ly)

Darryl Hamilton @LordP

@IanTLS @PolarBearFarm @sitehostnz Another +1 for Sitehost from me, awesome crew

Keri Hēnare @KeriHenare

Those @sitehostnz boys have 99.974% (when pinged from an overseas server). Good stuff guys!

Malcolm @emarref

@sitehostnz have a problem and it's fixed within 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Openhost have yet to respond to a support email I sent at 9.40am

Robert Kern @robertkern

VPS signup with sitehost was incredibly painless. 15 mins from first visit to root login. (via @nzben)

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