Remote Offices

Full-Powered Remote Desktops For Your Entire Team

When your team needs fast, secure access to remote desktops, you need a lot of computing power. However big your team is, and whatever software they work with, keep things quick with hosting that pulls in GPU power when you need it.
Equip Your Team

Fast, functional infrastructure fitted to your business

Remote offices can get complex. Don't let data sensitivity, power-hungry software, or international borders slow your workforce down.

Low latency

The best remote desktops run as if they're not remote at all. Faster processing means lower latency, which means workstations that don't lag or freeze. Give your team the speed they need to succeed.

The right processor mix

With GPU access for the heaviest processing, alongside less pricey CPU access for more mainstream computing, you can run as many desktops as you need from a single, secure server.

Expert advice

Every workplace is different, so off-the-shelf hosting will never fit perfectly. We talk with you first to understand what you and your team need. Then we design and build the solution to fit.

Whatever software you run

Whether you're a spreadsheets-and-email kind of an office, or working with high-definition graphics or CAD software, we'll find the hosting set-up that will keep your team connected and productive.

However you remote in

What's connecting your team together? We're ready to work with systems including Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS, once known as Terminal Services), and per-user or per-device licenses (CALs).

Local servers for NZ teams

Our data centre is in New Zealand, perfectly located for local businesses that want to keep servers close. Closer means quicker, and is important for data sovereignty.

Big Teams

Let Everyone, Everywhere, Work at Full Speed

It's not only compute-hungry software that can slow down your remote office. The size of your team matters, and so do all your locations around the world.

As your business grows and goes international, the load on your servers gets heavier. Don't let slow desktops hold you, or your team, back.

GPU Hosting Packages

Our GPU Hosting packages include a dedicated graphics processing unit. This would be more than many remote office configurations would need , so when you talk with us we'll work out how to assemble what you need without straining your budget.

GPU Hosting
Full access to a dedicated GPU, built into a server designed to your specs.
$ 1900
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