Release Notes

09 May 2024

  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) now available on High Performance Virtual Servers

    After thorough testing, we have added Ubuntu's latest long-term support release, Noble Numbat, to the HPVS platform. There's more about this distro in the blog.

28 March 2024

  • Faster Control Panel updates for Cloud Containers

    A little known fact is the Control Panel is eventually consistent for Cloud Containers. That means if a change is made directly on your server (like a container shuts down) or a job takes longer than we expect, that change will appear in the Control Panel soon(ish). We've now made this process much faster (push vs pull) – so the rare scenario where information might not have been quite up-to-date is now even rarer!

  • SSH/SFTP sessions get the boot less

    When logged into a container via SSH/SFTP there were certain scenarios where your session could be rudely terminated, one example being when a database was created and linked to that container. This was annoying, so we've carefully audited this behaviour to improve our manners and will no longer unceremoniously destroy sessions unless it is absolutely required.

12 March 2024

  • New .com and .org domains: We're the registrar now

    We've received ICANN accreditation and made all the necessary technical preparations. Now we can finally start operating as a registrar, rather than just a retailer, of .com and .org domains. This is a start which, for now, only applies to new registrations or transfers (not renewals) of those two TLDs. Where a reseller's name used to show as the registrar, you'll see our sister company's name, Webslice International, instead. As the blog explains, that's us: same team, same owners.

24 January 2024

  • New Cloud Container servers now default to MariaDB, not MySQL

    Every time you spin up a new Cloud Container server, a database container is automatically created. This used to be a MySQL container, but we've now switched to MariaDB. MySQL is still an option, just not the default. Only new servers will be affected. You can read why we've made this change on the blog.

18 January 2024

  • NodeJS 20 image added to Cloud Container platform

    The heading says it all, really. We've released a new service image for Cloud Containers, NodeJS 20. To upgrade older NodeJS containers is a simple matter of swapping images (the Knowledge Base explains how) - and then checking that your application still works, of course.

11 January 2024

  • Bulk domain renewal

    Managing a lot of domains? Now you can select as many of them as you like, and then renew them all at once. This time-saver has been requested a lot, and we're looking forward to seeing it get plenty of use.

  • Volumes extended to Cloud Containers running service images

    Volumes have been out for a few months, letting you share files and folders across mulitple Cloud Containers. The most recent update lets you attach Volumes to service containers. If you're new to Volumes, relive August's launch in the blog or get full details from the knowledge base.

05 December 2023

  • API tweaks to container end points and docs

    A few updates for users of the SiteHost API, mostly concerning dates on container end points. First, you can now see the created and date_updated information for container servers via the cloud/server/list_all endpoint. Secondly, the cloud/server/list_all, cloud/stack/list_all and cloud/stack/image/list_all endpoints now let you pass an updated_since parameter to only return items that have been modified on or after the specified date. All these changes are noted in our API documentation which has also had a once-over to fix some mistakes and clarify example code.

14 November 2023

  • High Performance Virtual Server platform launched

    Our new High Performance Virtual Servers (HPVS) are around 5x faster than our regular Virtual Servers. This is thanks to entirely new hardware which includes AMD Ryzen 9 CPUs, NVMe storage, and a brand new virtualisation platform. From today you can choose plans from 1 to 30 cores and start spinning up your own HPVS via the Control Panel.

31 October 2023

  • Improvements to viewing Volumes in the Control Panel

    When you click on Volumes in the Control Panel you'll see all Volumes across your servers, rather than just the Volumes on the first alphabetical server. Super useful!

    Conversely when viewing Volumes for a specific container, we default to only showing you Volumes that are attached to that container. Also super useful!

  • Better error handling for container cloning when no space is available

    If your attempt to Clone or Overwrite a container fails due to your server's storage being full, we'll now provide more useful error messages.

30 October 2023

  • Better Cloud Container activity logs

    We've done a nip and tuck on a whole bunch of messages and logs for Cloud Containers, so when you're in the Control Panel and viewing your Account » Activity Logs, things should be much clearer and less noisy.

  • Respecting ownership on container clone

    In some cases we weren't respecting the ownership of files when cloning a container on the same server. This would result in the files being owned by root, which is bad. This has been fixed and files will correctly stay as www-data.

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