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How would you like to run Umbraco? With SiteHost you can choose a Windows Virtual Server or spin up flexible Cloud Containers to run Umbraco in a fast, secure Linux environment. Either way you know you're getting speed, scalability and great support.
Umbraco and SiteHost

Options for every Umbraco implementation

Whether you'd prefer to run Umbraco on Windows (which we host mostly on Virtual Servers) or Linux for versions 9+ (which usually means Cloud Containers), there are some things we always deliver.

Umbraco is a software engineers’ CMS. We'll make the page look like you want, and we'll build the CMS features to generate the data to make that design work. We've got a couple of VDSs and a couple of VPSs with SiteHost. We used to have our own servers - physical hardware in a data centre - and we were spending a lot of time maintaining them. SiteHost changed my business for the better. While I'm still technically on call to my customers. I'm not on call to the same degree - not for a hosting solution. 

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Gareth Evans
Founder, Sniper Systems, and Umbraco core contributor


People don’t wait for slow sites, and SEO improves with every millisecond you save. Get fast hosting on enterprise-grade infrastructure.


We fight data breaches with everything from isolated hosting environments to rigorous physical security. See our Certifications.


Successful websites prepare for growth. We can make sure that however you host Umbraco, you're ready to scale up for the next phase.

Expert advice

You’re serious about Umbraco development; we’re serious about hosting. So we listen to you first, then find the platform that fits best.

24/7 expert support

Our Support Team is on the job every hour of every day. We respond fast, and we earn great feedback from the customers who rely on us.

Modern hardware

Whatever hosting you choose, we'll run it on fast, modern hardware that meets our high standards and has passed our performance testing.

Choose your OS

Choose Windows or Linux on Virtual or Dedicated servers, or look to our popular Cloud Container platform for easy, flexible Linux environments.

Server Management

Managed Hosting puts our team on your side. We monitor and maintain your servers while you keep building great Umbraco websites.

Compare your options

  • 24/7/365 Active Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Support
  • Automated Container Updates
  • Server Security Patching
Cloud Containers
Flexible container-based hosting.
$ 35
Cloud Containers
  • 1-20 Cores
  • 1-100GB RAM
  • 5-500GB Storage
  • 1-200 Containers
Windows Virtual Servers
Windows hosting the way you want it.
$ 75
Windows Virtual Servers
  • 2-8 Cores
  • 2-16GB RAM
  • 40-200GB Storage
  • 100-500GB Intl. Bandwidth
Linux Virtual Servers
Control your own server.
$ 30
Linux Virtual Servers
  • 1-6 Cores
  • 1.5-48GB RAM
  • 15-360GB Storage
  • 100-600GB Intl. Bandwidth
Virtual Dedicated Servers
Low-cost dedicated hardware.
$ 170
VDS plans
  • 2-10 Cores
  • 15-75GB RAM
  • 400GB-1.95TB Storage
  • 500GB Intl. Bandwidth

Need help finding the right set-up?

Talk with our hosting experts. Whether you're starting fresh, migrating existing Umbraco sites, or considering a change in OS, our advice can help you find the easiest path ahead. The right hosting can be the difference between speedy sites and happy clients or costly hold-ups, so careful planning can pay handsomely.

We're here to listen before we recommend infrastructure for your business.

Developers trust SiteHost

Whatever hosting platform they're on, developers and agencies love being with SiteHost.

SiteHost are by far the most reliable and competent hosting company we have used. If I had to choose a company for our VPS needs again, this is the company I would choose. ★★★★★

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Andy D.
Trustpilot reviewer

To me as a business owner, we’ve built our company on people as much as technology. SiteHost people turn up and meet us, so we know your faces and names. There are people behind the company, and it feels like it's a relationship and a partnership.

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Josh (Central Station) - happy SiteHost customer.
Josh L.
Managing Director, Central Station

SiteHost allowed us to focus a lot less on hosting and more on design & dev which means we can offer more to our clients in return. We love your Cloud Containers!

Punctuate - happy SiteHost customers.
Dan H.

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We have built the infrastructure and support team that your business can rely on, but we'll let the numbers do the talking about how good SiteHost really is.

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