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Meet The Team

Having a great team is the most important ingredient for any business. That's why we have assembled a team that works hard every day to give you the best hosting experience possible.

We have a very hands-on approach so everyone has a wide range of skills and responsibilities - it's not unusual to see someone doing phone support, then helping install a server, before writing code.

A bit about us


Owner & Founder

Nathan co-founded SiteHost in 2004, and ever since then has been busy with the rapid growth. Having been tinkering with technology since he was knee-high in the grass, Nathan’s geekiness extends beyond computers and has accumulated experience in some quite varied disciplines along the way. His key focus areas are management, sales and procurement. In his limited spare time not occupied with work and his family, Nathan plays football and volunteers as a business mentor.


Owner & Founder

Quintin is the Technical Director and co-founder of SiteHost. He comes from a development background and has spent the last 10 years becoming an expert in more technologies than we have room to list. Quintin now runs enough infrastructure to ensure that he rarely gets a good night sleep, but he still happily gets up at 3am to look after our customers’ servers. Quintin also has a keen interest in security which has seen him invited to speak at several conferences. When he’s not looking after the SiteHost infrastructure he likes to play football and has recently taken up squash.



Aidan has always been interested in computers but it wasn't until he finished high-school that he discovered Python and fell in love with programming. He was a competitive swimmer during his time at high-school, competing in national competitions where he consistently ranked highly. In his spare time he likes to learn, game, go swimming and watch TV.


Product & Automation

Albie manages to balance his time between development and operations work at SiteHost. Most of his day is spent deep in the backend systems getting his hands dirty. Before joining SiteHost, Albie worked on many things including Internet Kiosks, SIP Servers and some Embedded Programming. When he’s got time to spare he likes to listen to music and is a part time DJ.


Product & Automation

Ariel is a talented UI Designer & Developer. Hailing from Chile, Ariel has been based in New Zealand since 2019 and brings with him a wide variety of interests including video editing, photography and gaming.


Product & Automation

Ben is a bit of a generalist at SiteHost, continuing the sort of role he previously held at Pitch, a small creative studio he co-founded. This means he works across development, design, support, and sales. When he’s not working he loves gaming, good food, being lazy and patting dogs.


Product & Automation

Clemson moved to New Zealand from Malaysia and studied computer science at the University of Auckland. While still a student, he took on complex projects like writing a compiler for a high level language - which he reportedly found fun to do! In his free time Clemson enjoys playing video games, cycling and playing electric guitar.


Product & Automation

Connor is a software engineer graduate who joined the product team at SiteHost. He has a penchant for picking up, and then subsequently dropping projects in his free-time. Outside of programming, he enjoys taking care of his cat and cooking different dishes from around the world.


Hardware & Operations

Dennis is a member of our operations team largely focusing on hardware. He spends most of his days putting together servers and testing various hardware for quality control purposes. Dennis has many talents and constantly impresses us with the tasks he takes on and the problems he can solve. In his spare time Dennis loves playing basketball, has a passion for gaming and is quite the cook.


Admin & Accounts

Diane is part of our Accounts team at SiteHost using her extensive industry background to work across book-keeping, financial preparation and support. Outside of work Diane spends as much time as possible with her family, traveling, and enjoying good food.


Product & Automation

Dylan joined the team after graduating from Massey University with a degree in Software Engineering. Now he's applying those skills at SiteHost to get things shipped. In his spare time you will find him gaming, watching shows and playing guitar. He also has an impressive commitment to his gym schedule.



Eric is an IT professional specialising in GNU/Linux and Open Source. He actually has a law degree, but wrangling computers to do his bidding is his true passion. Eric claims to have approximate knowledge of many things, and has worked with many different technologies in his career. He uses Oxford commas and indents his code with spaces (tabstop=2). When he's away from the keyboard you will find him enjoying a good asado, or hiking one the many trails that made him fall in love with New Zealand in the first place.


Product & Automation

Flynn joins the team after graduating from UoA where he was studying Data Science and Economics. He has a passion for building things and recently he's been getting into MicroPython and programming microcontrollers. When he's not deep in code he's making sure his chilli plants are healthy and enjoys swimming in the ocean, rain or shine.



Francis is based in Angeles City, Philippines, as one of our international operations support team members. He’s been with SiteHost since mid-2020. Like a lot of the best experts in our field, Francis loves learning about technology and is mostly self-taught. This came in handy when covid-19 meant his SiteHost training was 100% remote. Away from work he enjoys getting outside, or reading manga.



Fred, a Computer Science graduate from Montreal, Canada, joins the SiteHost operations team after leaving home and embarking on an amazing adventure. After travelling through South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, he began to feel right at home in New Zealand and decided to stay. He enjoys sports, movies, and board games. He can also speak French and English!



Gene hails from Cebu in the Philippines. He has a graphics and multimedia degree but was eventually introduced to Python for trying out some image manipulations. This sparked his interest in coding and opened a new door to the world of tech. Since then he's worked for a couple of startups as a web developer and has now joined our Operations team. Outside of work he's passionate about music and plays the guitar, bass and drums.



Gonzalo joins SiteHost from Chile. He entered the technology world at age 14 when he started selling game servers and teaching himself software development in PHP. He has been working alongside clients in the hosting industry for 10 years, and is looking forward to continuing to help clients here at SiteHost. When he’s not learning new languages and skills he enjoys watching TV series with fries and a beer.


Product & Automation

James joins the Product team at SiteHost, bringing a wide set of skills ranging from Linux systems administration (with a Telecommunications flare) to integrating leading edge machine learning models and writing distributed systems. In his spare time, James is an avid Rust language evangelist, occasional baker and home labber.



Jenny is a customer service expert with an IT degree who joins SiteHost’s sales team from the Philippines. She has nurtured her interpersonal skills while working in the Middle East as sales and customer support. Her eagerness towards learning has given her opportunities to develop new skills. She loves to spend time with family, and enjoys singing, watching movies, trying to cook, and playing MMORPG.



Jishnu joined the team in 2018 2020 and is enjoying learning new things and providing technical support. His previous work experience was in India providing support and he is relishing the job here. He loves to solve puzzles, rubik's cubes and anything that seems perplexing. A football addict and a Liverpool fan.



Jordan grew up in rural Otago, which is why we don’t mind that he was actually born in Australia. He stayed southern, studying at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, and earned an IT degree before moving to Auckland. He loves tinkering with all sorts of weird technology, which makes him a great fit here. Away from work he’s an avid player of games (video, tabletop and card), mixer of cocktails, and watcher of dumb 80s movies.



Justin has been in the IT Industry for most of his working career. He joined SiteHost after 20 years of general IT contracting. He is a jack, or in this case, a Justin of all trades, but trying to master some. When not working he dabbles in helping the darksky monitoring project, tries to be a good partner to his fiancee, plays console games when she allows and is occasional tech support for friends and family.


Product & Automation

Originally hailing from Malaysia, Leon has joined the Product team at SiteHost, using his skills to help us ship bigger and better things. In his spare time he reads, writes, games (Dota > League) and is keen to explore more of his new home, New Zealand.


Product & Automation

Matt is one of those rare people who is still incredibly passionate about new technology and pushing boundaries even though he’s been in the industry before javascript was cool or ‘the cloud’ was a thing. He’s worked with a variety of languages and frameworks, building complex tools on the web and successful iOS apps. When he’s not head down in tech, he is focused on his wife, family, friends and community, helping out where he can, sharing his faith, plus trying to find time to visit the best golf courses and restaurants.



Our sole Hamiltonian, Max is a digital content strategist with degrees in Marketing and Philosophy. He has worked at the intersection of digital UX and marketing for banks, software creators and agencies. Conferences in South Africa, USA and Australia have invited him to talk about what he’s learned there. Working behind a keyboard suits him well: in a completely different job, he once crashed a truck.



Miguel is a passionate web developer, focused on customer satisfaction. Curious and daring, almost always developing with PHP and Laravel, but eager to learn new technologies. When he is not programming, he enjoy playing video games, from FPS, all the way to racing simulators, always with some chips and a cool beer.


Admin & Accounts

Mike provides accounts support to our clients keeping everyone happy by putting his excellent customer service skills to use. He also plays a large role in making sure the SiteHost office is running smoothly. Prior to joining SiteHost Mike has worked for Navman Wireless and Orcon Internet. In his spare time he likes to paint models and play Airsoft.



Murdoch has been always been interested in computers. His fascination was sparked by learning Python in high school which was followed by tinkering with low level electronics for a few years and grew into building his own computers. When not at work Murdoch can be found cruising the back roads in his MX5 or working on 3D models in Blender.



Paulus joined SiteHost soon after moving from South Africa. His 12 years experience in the IT industry has helped him to quickly find his feet in our Operations team. While still new to the country he enjoys exploring the beautiful scenery with his family.



Raymond joins our Operations team after graduating from The University of Auckland with a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. He has a passion for technology and loves being part of a team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, listening to music and playing guitar.


Product & Automation

Scott is part of the product team at SiteHost, applying his many years of experience and skills to help build new things and untangle the mysteries of legacy code. When he's not at work he likes to find boxes of strange objects using GPS coordinates, explore the wilderness, procrastinate on house renovations and spend time with his partner and adorable dog.



Srivats is part of our operations team currently working the evening shift to help provide our 24/7 coverage. As he graduated recently he's keen on learning the tricks of the trade and grow as member of SiteHost. In his spare time he likes to play badminton, hit the gym and cook.


Product & Automation

Tim joined the team after finishing his Computer Science degree in Wellington. He loves the problem solving aspect of programming and learning new things every day. In his free time he enjoys video games, cooking, and eating food that's far too spicy.


Product & Automation

Tommy joined SiteHost after graduating from the University of Auckland with an honours degree in Software Engineering. You'd probably find him in the Product team trying to solve problems or in the kitchen making the perfect coffee. In his spare time Tommy likes to play games and football in the weekend or stay in bed and watch TV shows all day.

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