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Having a great team is the most important ingredient for any business and at SiteHost we have assembled a team that works hard each day to give you the best hosting experience possible. We have a very hands on approach so all team members have a wide range of skills and responsibilities - it's not unusual to see someone doing phone support, then helping install a server, before writing code.

Quintin Owner & Founder

Quintin is the Technical Director and co-founder of SiteHost. He comes from a development background and has spent the last 10 years becoming an expert in more technologies than we have room to list. Quintin now runs enough infrastructure to ensure that he rarely gets a good night sleep, but he still happily gets up at 3am to look after our customers’ servers. Quintin also has a keen interest in security which has seen him invited to speak at several conferences. When he’s not looking after the SiteHost infrastructure he likes to play football and has recently taken up squash.

Nathan Owner & Founder

Nathan co-founded SiteHost in 2004, and ever since then has been busy with the rapid growth. Having been tinkering with technology since he was knee-high in the grass, Nathan’s geekiness extends beyond computers and has accumulated experience in some quite varied disciplines along the way. His key focus areas are management, sales and procurement. In his limited spare time not occupied with work and his family, Nathan plays football and volunteers as a business mentor.

Albie Product & Automation

Albie manages to balance his time between development and operations work at SiteHost. Most of his day is spent deep in the backend systems getting his hands dirty. Before joining SiteHost, Albie worked on many things including Internet Kiosks, SIP Servers and some Embedded Programming. When he’s got time to spare he likes to listen to music and is a part time DJ.

Andre Operations

Andre is an easy going Brazilian with an inquisitive mind. Working in the operations team he aims to offer superb support and learn something new every day. In his spare time he explores nature, works on DIY projects and socialises with friends and family.

Ben Product & Automation

Ben is a bit of a generalist at SiteHost, continuing the sort of role he previously held at Pitch, a small creative studio he co-founded. This means he works across development, design, support, and sales. When he’s not working he loves gaming, good food, being lazy and patting dogs.

Brendan Sales

Brendan is utilising his 20 years of industry experience to lead our sales team and Wellington based projects. Brendan’s focus on customer service and detail oriented nature makes him the perfect person to help clients get their projects across the line. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his young family and running stupidly long distances for no reason at all.

Dennis Hardware & Operations

Dennis is a member of our operations team largely focusing on hardware. He spends most of his days putting together servers and testing various hardware for quality control purposes. Dennis has many talents and constantly impresses us with the tasks he takes on and the problems he can solve. In his spare time Dennis loves playing basketball, has a passion for gaming and is quite the cook.

Diane Admin & Accounts

Diane is part of our Accounts team at SiteHost using her extensive industry background to work across book-keeping, financial preparation and support. Outside of work Diane spends as much time as possible with her family, traveling, and enjoying good food.

Duncan Sales

Duncan joined SiteHost after moving to Auckland from Christchurch. You’re likely to meet Duncan if you’re enquiring about our products as he’s a member of our sales team. In his free time he enjoys catching up on TV Shows, playing the latest indie game on his gaming PC and trying out new cafes. Duncan also claims to make a better coffee than anyone else at SiteHost.

Dylan Product & Automation

Dylan joined the team after graduating from Massey University with a degree in Software Engineering. Now he's applying those skills at SiteHost to get things shipped. In his spare time you will find him gaming, watching shows and playing guitar. He also has an impressive commitment to his gym schedule.

Elvic Operations

Coming Soon

Garth Product & Automation

Garth worked for an agency for 4 years as a Developer mostly building USSD systems (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) before moving to SiteHost. In his spare time he relaxes with his family and watches soccer – lots and lots of soccer. While being new to New Zealand he also tries to explore new places as much as possible.

Gretchen Admin & Accounts

Gretchen is part of our Accounts team and is involved in book-keeping, customer service and other administrative tasks. When she's not working, she loves watching K-drama or anime series, traveling, plus enjoying time with family and friends.

James Operations

James is our operations manager, and a former developer who we bravely rescued from the agency life, or so we like to think. He would probably say that rescued is debatable. When he’s not correcting our spelling or grammar (please report any mistakes on this website to him) he’s a bit of a gamer and huge movie and TV buff.

Jishnu Operations

Jishnu joined the team in 2018 2020 and is enjoying learning new things and providing technical support. His previous work experience was in India providing support and he is relishing the job here. He loves to solve puzzles, rubik's cubes and anything that seems perplexing. A football addict and a Liverpool fan.

Jose Product & Automation

Jose is a budding developer eagerly learning as much as possible. He is always keen to experience new things, catch some shows on Netflix and loves spending time with friends and family. If you ask him what one of his favourite shows are you can expect to get a “Nine Nine!” in response – cool people will understand.

Justin Operations

Justin has been in the IT Industry for most of his working career. He joined SiteHost after 20 years of general IT contracting. He is a jack, or in this case, a Justin of all trades, but trying to master some. When not working he dabbles in helping the darksky monitoring project, tries to be a good partner to his fiancee, plays console games when she allows and is occasional tech support for friends and family.

Kane Operations

Coming Soon

Leon Product & Automation

Originally hailing from Malaysia, Leon has joined the Product team at SiteHost, using his skills to help us ship bigger and better things. In his spare time he reads, writes, games (Dota > League) and is keen to explore more of his new home, New Zealand.

Lyndon Operations

Lyndon is part of our operations team and has been around long enough to have seen some things. After finishing his studies Lyndon joined a tertiary training institute as an IT Tutor and Network Administrator. Lyndon spends his spare time being geek, one of his hobbies is making sure his computers are as hard to use as possible and making his cars far too loud.

Matt Product & Automation

Matt's background is in web development, and his journey to SiteHost has taken him everywhere from carpark booking systems to a reverse auction website, and more recently running IT for one of New Zealand's largest pizza franchises. When not at work Matt loves getting outside and as far from a screen as possible, and can often be found sampling the latest Wellington craft brew.

Matthew Product & Automation

Coming Soon

Mike Admin & Accounts

Mike provides accounts support to our clients keeping everyone happy by putting his excellent customer service skills to use. He also plays a large role in making sure the SiteHost office is running smoothly. Prior to joining SiteHost Mike has worked for Navman Wireless and Orcon Internet. In his spare time he likes to paint models and play Airsoft.

Paulus Operations

Paulus joined SiteHost soon after moving from South Africa. His 12 years experience in the IT industry has helped him to quickly find his feet in our Operations team. While still new to the country he enjoys exploring the beautiful scenery with his family.

Rudi Operations

Rudi is part of our operations team, originally hailing from South Africa. After finishing his studies, Rudi joined a tertiary training institute as a lecturer and network administrator, before turning into an all-out enterprise Linux engineer. Rudi enthusiastically spends his spare time being bad at board games, card games and video games, and building or 3D printing elaborate cosplay props and costumes.

Scott Product & Automation

Scott is part of the product team at SiteHost, applying his many years of experience and skills to help build new things and untangle the mysteries of legacy code. When he's not at work he likes to find boxes of strange objects using GPS coordinates, explore the wilderness, procrastinate on house renovations and spend time with his partner and adorable dog.

Srivats Operations

Srivats is part of our operations team currently working the evening shift to help provide our 24/7 coverage. As he graduated recently he's keen on learning the tricks of the trade and grow as member of SiteHost. In his spare time he likes to play badminton, hit the gym and cook.

Te Omeka Sales

Te Omeka is part of our sales team. With his experience, guitar and a hearty laugh he is a great addition to the team. You are likely to encounter Te Omeka when enquiring about our products and services. In his spare time he you'll find him with his family and doing pullups. Please feel free to challenge him to a pullup competition.

Tim Product & Automation

Tim joined the team after finishing his Computer Science degree in Wellington. He loves the problem solving aspect of programming and learning new things every day. In his free time he enjoys video games, cooking, and eating food that's far too spicy.

Tommy Product & Automation

Tommy joined SiteHost after graduating from the University of Auckland with an honours degree in Software Engineering. You'd probably find him in the Product team trying to solve problems or in the kitchen making the perfect coffee. In his spare time Tommy likes to play games and football in the weekend or stay in bed and watch TV shows all day.

Vincent Operations

Coming Soon

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