29 April, 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) available on VPS and VDS

Max / Products

The latest long-term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu is available for provisioning.

Shopping carts.
27 April, 2022

Magento means business, and serious hosting decisions

Max / Products

Your Magento store needs more than regular shared web hosting, but how much more?

15 April, 2022

Comparing Silverstripe hosts? Here’s what you need to know

Janina / Products

Silverstripe deserves its place as a popular CMS, especially in New Zealand. If you’re building Silverstripe sites you need hosting that matches its flexibility and power.

Sydney Opera House, Australia.
04 April, 2022

Registry name changes for .au domains

Max / Domains

If you have .au domains through us, an upcoming registry name change will have no noticeable effect.

04 February, 2022

Cloud Containers or VPS? Here's how to choose

Janina / Cloud Containers

When you need more than shared web hosting, should you Containerise or go virtual in another way?

Patches are important.
27 January, 2022

What you need to know about major Linux vulnerability, PwnKit

Max / News

Reported yesterday, PwnKit is a Linux vulnerability that allows unprivileged users to gain full root privileges. Servers that we manage have all been patched now.

Padlocks - security.
20 January, 2022

Was LastPass really hacked? And are people really still reusing passwords?

Janina / News

Some LastPass users were alarmed by security warnings at the end of last year. Whatever caused them, it’s a good idea to start 2022 with security in mind.

2022 SiteHost t-shirt.
17 January, 2022

Our 2022 SiteHost Shirt is Here

Kendra / News

Grab your free 2022 SiteHost shirt. We are taking orders for a limited time, so get in quick!

13 December, 2021

Two Cloud Container updates - memory reporting and SSH configuration

Leon / News

We’re tracking memory usage more accurately than ever, and we’ve tweaked the default SSH configuration to better balance security and usability.

08 December, 2021

Avoid cPanel and Plesk price hikes with Cloud Containers

Max / News

cPanel and Plesk licenses are getting more expensive, again, in January. But maybe we can help you avoid the hit.

07 December, 2021

Cloud Container image updates are coming this week

Srivats / News

Beginning this week, we’re going to automatically update all Cloud Containers running older image versions. This post explains the process, and why older images are becoming a problem.

09 November, 2021

We’re serving Cloud Containers all over the world

Janina / Cloud Containers

SiteHost Cloud Containers are our first truly global product. Here’s a quick look at where, and how easily, you can spin up Cloud Containers.

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