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Keep Your Infrastructure in Great Shape Without Lifting a Finger

While our team of experts monitor and maintain your hosting infrastructure, you'll have more time and energy to focus on your core business. Server management, managed hosting, managed services - whatever name you give it, it means an expert team keeping your technology up and running, 24/7/365.
Peace of mind

Let us handle the complicated stuff

Server management, managed hosting, managed services - whatever name you give it, it means an expert team keeping your technology up and running, 24/7/365. You can work, rest, and even holiday knowing that infrastructure issues aren't going to drag you down.

Over the years you have helped us out of a number of tricky situations where our infrastructure knowledge simply wasn’t advanced enough to solve it ourselves. We know we can rely on you and the way you help us has earned you a lot of loyalty. We speak a similar language in the way we provide services and that alignment is really important for us. We have complete trust in your abilities. When someone from your team says something, we believe it. That trust is critical. All trade is built on trust and you have that.

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Brendan Jarvis, The Space InBetween - happy SiteHost customer.
Brendan Jarvis
Managing Founder, The Space InBetween

Two Tiers of Service

Standard Management includes everything that most customers need to rest easy, while Premium Management is tailored to perfectly fit your business and its infrastructure.

Standard Management
Monitoring, maintenance, security patching, and peace of mind.
$ 200
Premium Management
Tailored for you, with options of priority support, SLA, regular reviews and more.
$ 550
We work for you

We'll take care of all this

We pick up a lot of tasks when you add Management to Cloud Containers, Virtual Servers, VDS, or Dedicated Servers. (Every Private Cloud comes managed by default.)

While the exact services can change to suit the servers that you're running, every managed installation is maintained, monitored, and patched by our expert team.


Don't let your infrastructure fall out of support or miss out on performance enhancements. We'll take care of general server tweaks, as well as package updates and installation as requested.

Monitoring & response

Round-the-clock monitoring of your hardware and network means that we'll see problems coming, fast. Our incident response can be so quick that we get things fixed before you've even noticed.

Security & patching

Bug reports are easy to miss, but critical operating system (OS) flaws can't wait. Whenever an urgent patch is released, we test it and apply it to all managed servers as a priority.

Full server set-up

Whatever product you choose to run, we'll set it up for you. This applies to hardware, software, OS installation and networking for Cloud Containers, Virtual Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

24/7 access to our engineers

There is always an engineer available. No matter what issue arises, or when, one of our experts is on hand to solve it for you. Avoid call-out charges or fees for ad-hoc support.

Root/admin access

We're so serious about keeping sysadmin tasks off your plate that we'll retain root/admin access to your server and take care of anything that needs to be done at that level.

Container image updates

Cloud Containers — Automatic container image updates keep your environments current.

Cloud Container caching

Cloud Containers — Access to the Simple Cache feature to speed up your sites.

Container monitoring & response

Cloud Containers — Monitoring and response extends from server to containers.

Tailored service level agreement

Premium Management — A tailored SLA for all your infrastructure lays out exactly what your business needs from us to thrive.

Priority support

Premium Management — Skip the queues with priority on all your support requests, as well as any outage restoration jobs.

Regular planning & reviews

Premium Management — Half-yearly review and planning meetings with your team, plus regular reviews of infrastructure security and performance.

Customers depend on us every day

They really do have less to worry about.

If there is a problem with the hardware or environment I don’t need to wake up to deal with it. This used to be a significant point of stress for me and made it hard to go away on trips. So I would say peace of mind is one of the biggest factors.

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Karl (CactusLab) - happy SiteHost customer.
Karl von Randow
Co-founder, Cactuslab

Since moving to SiteHost from another provider, I couldn't be happier with the service I've received. Right from the first enquiry to actually making my services go live, SiteHost understood what I wanted to achieve, gave me options I could decide on, kept me informed at every step and did what they said they would do in terms of implementation and cost. I would highly recommend SiteHost as a professional, competent, knowledgeable and reliable IT service provider. ★★★★★

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Emma J.
Trustpilot reviewer

As we grew we were self-hosting some services which are now hosted by you (and others). Having someone else feeding and watering the servers is one less maintenance task we no longer need worry about.

AAE - happy SiteHost customers.
Rob I.

The Limits of Server Management

While our Management services are comprehensive, there are areas of website maintenance or application management that are beyond our reach or expertise. Six important exclusions are listed below. These are things that we do not cover.

  • Website/application maintenance

  • CMS maintenance & patching

  • Third party plugin updates & maintenance

  • Website/application bug investigation

  • Website/application security & compromise clean up

  • DDoS mitigation

Also, note that while both plans include 24/7/365 access to our emergency on-call engineers, charges can apply if the fault is not related to our core services.

Consistently High Performance

How reliable are our infrastructure and support team? We'll let the numbers do the talking.

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