Are You Using Two Factor Authentication? You should be

/ News

You may think your password is secure, but it's not. Read on to learn about 2FA.

A building roof with Google's logo.

Google Chrome and the mystery of ‘mixed content’...

/ Technical

Google Chrome will soon start blocking 'mixed content'. In this article we will explain what 'mixed content' is and what to do about it.

ilign office.

Customer Profile - i-lign (Legend)

/ Case study

Brendan met up in Wellington with Sean and Tony from i-lign Software, and talked about putting bad guys behind bars, rebranding, and building positive ecosystems.

Te Omeka in the SiteHost office.

Meet the team: Te Omeka

/ Culture

We're happy to introduce our latest addition to the SiteHost team: Te Omeka Morehu - New Business Development Manager. We talk to him about the Commodore 64, diversity and his favourite superhero.

The Space InBetween office.

Customer Profile: The Space InBetween

/ Case study

Ben spoke with Brendan Jarvis from The Space InBetween - a successful UX Design and Digital Agency in Auckland - about his journey, mentorship, his values and the ‘Why’ behind The Space InBetween.

Alex Osborn, RIVER Digital.

Customer Profile - RIVER

/ Case study

A few weeks ago we had a coffee with Alex Osborn from RIVER, a Digital Innovation agency in Auckland. We spoke about the industry, trends, challenges, customer's expectations, and of course their relationship with SiteHost.

Cloud Container Performance: The Conundrum of Swap

/ Cloud Containers

We're constantly pursuing better performance and increased stability in our products, find out what's next on this journey for Cloud Containers.

AMD Epyc hardware.

AMD Updates

/ News

At Computex 2019, AMD announced some interesting insights and updates.

The domain name industry: a complex matter

/ Domains

The domain name industry can seem pretty complicated so let's have a look at how it actually works.

cPanel interface on three different screens.

cPanel’s New Pricing Structure

/ News

cPanel recently announced a new pricing structure. This article will provide some clarity and context.

Upcoming Domain Price Changes (2019)

/ Domains

Due to changes from our upstream provider we're having to update pricing on some of our domains.

Microarchitectural Data Sampling

/ News

A vulnerability in Intel processors has been disclosed, and is known as Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) or ZombieLoad.

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