cPanel and Plesk’s new stopgap reprieve for older Linux distros will cost you

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If you’re running cPanel or Plesk on a soon-to-be-unsupported OS like CentOS, AlmaLinux 7 or Debian 10, then WebPros are pleased to announce extended support - for a fee.

Three reasons to “Swap Registrar” when renewing domains

/ Domains

A new “Swap Registrar” option appears for some domain renewals now. Here’s why it’s a good idea to tick the box.

Interview: Nick Hayman from Panel Quote on why Azure wasn’t the right idea

/ Case study

After an attempted migration to Azure went nowhere, Panel Quote needed a hosting provider who actually listened, and delivered.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS added to High Performance Virtual Server platform

/ Technical

The latest Linux addition to our High Performance Virtual Servers will be in support for years to come.

Dave Sparks of Sparks Interactive

/ Case study

Dave Sparks started Sparks Interactive with his wife in 2005. We spoke with him about taking their web agency in and out of AWS, building an open-source development platform for the public sector, and why he’s a big fan of Drupal.

The SiteHost building, seen from air, with over 300 solar panels on the roof.

Talking solar power with Canterbury Tech

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Video re-cap: Yesterday I was invited to present our 'Journey to a Solar-Powered Cloud' at Canterbury Tech's Lunchtime Tech Session for April, with a wide-ranging Q&A afterwards.

ELevate your way into the post-CentOS era

/ Technical

If your server is running CentOS (any version) or CloudLinux 6/7, it’s time to plot an upgrade path away from these doomed distros. Here’s how to upgrade with the ELevate tool.

We're directly registering international domains now

/ Domains

A milestone moment introduces a new, more direct approach to registering .com and .org domains with SiteHost.

Gmail tightens its spam filters again

/ Domains

To safely deliver thousands of emails a day, you need the right SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

MariaDB Takes the Place of MySQL in New Cloud Container Servers

/ Cloud Containers

After years of defaulting to MySQL, we’re shifting MariaDB up the pecking order.

Hard drive history, 2007-2023: Hundreds of times faster, dozens of time bigger

/ Technical

How economic is it to run your own hardware rather than rent cloud services? A look at storage media shows how fast the maths is changing.

When you're serious about AI, it makes sense to host your own

/ Products

Your own dedicated AI Hosting makes everything, from experimenting to budgeting, easier.

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