SiteHost's self-contained, temperature controlled data centre.
06 April, 2023

How our data centre performed through Auckland’s extreme weather

Max / News

Record-setting rainfall, gale-force winds and cyclones are going to challenge any infrastructure. Our data centre got through it all.

05 April, 2023

Python snakes its way into our newest Cloud Container image

Eric / Cloud Containers

Our newest prebuilt image for Cloud Containers brings Python + Miniconda to our most popular hosting platform.

03 April, 2023

Running Elementor Pro and WooCommerce? Update your plugins ASAP

Max / News

All versions of Elementor Pro up to (and including) 3.11.6 allow users to escalate to WordPress admin access.

23 March, 2023

Email not getting through to Gmail addresses? There’s probably an easy fix

Max / Domains

Gmail now requires email senders to be authenticated by an SPF record, or risk being marked as spam. Here’s how to make sure your mail gets through.

23 February, 2023

Improving the performance of your Laravel queues

Aidan / Technical

While investigating slow servers, we discovered some common performance issues with Laravel queues. Here’s how to speed things up for your sites.

09 February, 2023

Better SSH Key management comes to Cloud Containers

Connor / Cloud Containers

Managing your Cloud Containers’ SSH keys just got easier - no more duplicates, and no more keys hidden from the Control Panel.

01 February, 2023

Windows Server licence costs will climb in 2023

Max / News

A cascade of software licence price increases is hitting the hosting industry. The latest news is from Microsoft.

25 January, 2023

Choose your business domain carefully, because changing it isn’t easy

Max / Domains

Switching your web address might sound easy, but the practicalities are not.

25 January, 2023

What a domain’s TLD tells you about its future price

Max / Domains

The wholesale cost of a domain comes down to how the top-level domain (TLD) is regulated, the financial incentives of its registry, and market forces. Read between those lines and you might be able to guess where prices will go next.

25 January, 2023

Are .kiwi domains worth their higher cost?

Max / Domains

Wondering if a .kiwi domain is worth the relatively steep investment? Here's what you need to know.

15 December, 2022

Profile: Gareth Evans, Umbraco expert & Sniper Systems founder

Max / Case study

Gareth Evans of Sniper Systems probably knows Umbraco better than anyone else in New Zealand. We spoke with him about his business’s development niche, his favourite CMS, and the pitfalls of self-hosting.

14 December, 2022

Holiday Hours, 2022-23

Jishnu / News

As usual over summer, we will operate reduced hours for phone support. Emergency support remains available 24/7 and we'll regularly check emails and support tickets as well.

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