Order your free 2024 SiteHost t-shirt and celebrate our 20th anniversary!

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Our annual t-shirt giveaway is back, and this time it marks a serious milestone.

Holiday hours, summer 2023-24

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Phone support hours will be reduced over the holiday period. Work on support tickets will keep happening, but on a reduced roster, and we’ll be available 24/7 for emergencies.

Phishing attempts target SiteHost customers

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SiteHost customers are receiving phishing emails with fake login links. Time to add 2FA to your SiteHost account and take other steps to protect yourself.

Benchmarks show how fast our High Performance Virtual Servers are

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Our new High Performance Virtual Servers (HPVS) deliver more than you get from the big international names, and we have the receipts.

AWS finds a new toll to charge everyone, calls it "modernisation"

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AWS puts a price on IPv4 addresses while blocking adoption of IPv6. Another reason to think twice about going all in on The Cloud.

Lessons from years of AWS cost management

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Optimising AWS bills is never easy. Not even if, like our Product and Automation Lead, Ben, you've helped customers save thousands every month.

The annual cPanel and Plesk price rise strikes again

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WebPros have informed us that cPanel, Plesk, and CloudLinux will be more expensive from January 2024. It's an annual event. As always, Cloud Containers offer a way out.

Announcing Volumes for Cloud Containers

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We’re very happy to announce, and shortly release, Volumes to all Cloud Container customers. A new way to manage assets and files, easily sharing them across containers while limiting access to those that need it.

Dedicated CPUs over the years: There's improvement, and then there's this

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A few hundred dollars a month is worth about 100x as much as it used it be.

Clever companies are leaving the public cloud

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We see bare metal improving faster than cloud services. Market analysts see a US$500B opportunity.

International domain price hike 2023

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Our least favourite annual event strikes again, as our provider of .com and other international domains raises prices.

Debian 12 (Bookworm) available on VPS and VDS

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The latest Debian release, which will be supported for five years, is now an option on Linux VPS or Virtual Dedicated Servers.

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