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We’re serving Cloud Containers all over the world

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SiteHost Cloud Containers are our first truly global product. Here’s a quick look at where, and how easily, you can spin up Cloud Containers.

For online businesses eyeing a global audience, there is tremendous need for efficiency, ease and scalability in your website. All these can be achieved with Cloud Containers wherever in the world they are located.

Why Cloud Containers are great for you

Cloud Containers let you run different hosting environments for different sites or applications without interference. A selection of pre-built images makes it possible to be up and running in minutes, which is one reason why they’re our most popular product. Today we have clients running Cloud Container servers in our data center, in Private Clouds, and also in locations all around the world.

The best part is that no matter where in the world you provision your Cloud Containers the developer experience, the underlying technology and the customer support team are the same. Whether your Cloud Containers are served out of Auckland or London you still manage everything in the same way and still have the same people looking after you and your hardware.

Why choose an international location?

The biggest benefit of an international location is that it lets you serve your site from somewhere close to international customer bases. Proximity equals speed, which matters to customers.

That’s why you can go global, and spin up new Cloud Containers in Auckland, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, London or California. Wherever you choose, your server and Cloud Containers can be ready in minutes. For locations outside of New Zealand and Australia, we have Cloud Container servers running on Linode’s cloud infrastructure. Here in New Zealand and Australia we run our own gear. Elsewhere we’ve chosen Linode for reasons including their overall reliability.

Linode has datacentres in other international locations and we can set up Cloud Containers in these sites, too, on your request. We would need some time to make all necessary configurations, but it is absolutely doable.

Provisioning Cloud Containers wherever you, and your users, want them

When you provision a new Cloud Container server you’ll see the option to select its location. Selecting an international server makes no difference to the rest of your options - all the possible hardware specifications and container images stay the same, as does the price.

(Remember that different locations are possible, but would need some pre-work. If there’s somewhere else you need to be, talk to us.)

You’ll also see the option to add Server Management. With this option we will proactively monitor your servers and roll out automated container updates no matter where they are. Our expert, NZ-based team will be on the job wherever your server sits.

Create an account or talk with us today and prepare your business for global success.