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SiteHost expands bare metal options, adds NVIDIA GPUs

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New servers from SiteHost include some incredibly cost-effective Ryzen 9s, and a new GPU Hosting range featuring NVIDIA A40 and A100 GPUs.

A refreshed line-up of dedicated hardware being offered by SiteHost has invigorated both ends of the spectrum. New Ryzen processors are now built into the lowest-cost Dedicated Servers on offer, replacing older and slower hardware without multiplying prices. At the performance end, new NVIDIA GPUs power machines the likes of which SiteHost has never offered before.

SiteHost customers now have a bigger and better suite of options when they work with us to design, build and run a dedicated machine. We can’t wait to bring even more power to New Zealand businesses.

GPU Hosting unlocks tomorrow’s technology

Many modern workloads require such a massive step-change in hardware that we've introduced GPU Hosting as a new, separate range of packages. There are some mind-bending specs to look at here - our Dual EPYC Milan 7713 package comes with 8x NVIDIA A100 (each with 6,912 CUDA cores), 80GB GPU and 1TB of RAM, for example. But even more important is what all that computing power enables you to do.

AI-powered tools are already changing businesses around the world. In fact, some of our first hands-on experience with GPU hardware came from hosting our own AI-centred projects. With your own model on your own server, you’re freed from all sorts of constraints that come with shared services or other cloud-based GPUs:

  • You know where your data is, and you know it’s securely stored.

  • You know exactly what you’re getting and - crucially - exactly what you’ll pay each month.

  • You can work with us to assemble the exact machine you want, balancing raw GPU power with less power-hungry processing where it makes sense.

Large language models and AI may be grabbing all the headlines, but they’re not the only game-changers in the business world today. Remote working and distributed teams are a fact of work now. Your team expects to be able to get the job done wherever they are, and smart employers have realised that being able to hire people anywhere makes for a much larger talent pool to fish in.

This makes remote desktops (also known as terminal services) more important than ever. For companies, one major requirement is a central core of computing power. With larger teams spread farther afield working with increasingly complex software, that demand for computing power and speed is only increasing.

New Dedicated Servers

Of course, not every server needs to push the boundaries. That’s why we’ve refreshed our core range of Dedicated Servers, adding a couple of new options and dropping some prices as well.

New Ryzen 9 processors far outperform the CPUs that our older servers were built around. We’re still going through the full benchmarking process but we’re confident in saying that the two new packages we’re offering are some of the best value possible.

Some of this is just hardware doing what it does, and getting better without getting much more expensive. But for businesses that don’t need to be spending thousands a month we’re still delighted to be able to offer packages like:

  • 32GB RAM and 2x1.92TB NVMe storage, from $380/mo

  • 128GB RAM and 2x3.8TB NVMe storage, from $510/mo

Our higher-end Dedicated Servers still sport AMD EPYC processors. Prices for both the 16/32 Core and 32/64 Core models are now lower, starting at $610/mo and $1050/mo respectively. 

Dedicated Servers are some of the most flexible machines we offer (managed or unmanaged). You pick the amount of power that you want in your hands, and you know exactly what it will cost. One trend we’re picking up on is that more businesses are seeing the appeal of this straightforward trade.

We’re hearing more and more stories from technical managers who are sick of wrestling with The Cloud. The twin hassles of assembling the right assortment of cloud services for your workload, and then managing to control costs, can be more than anyone wants to deal with. If you swapped that complexity for your own gear, sized for you and running in a local data centre, how much time and money could you save?

Whatever you need, built to fit

As always, pre-configured packages are just the start. We’re always happy to talk through your specific requirements and put together a machine (or machines) that work for you. Since we source the hardware and build the machines ourselves, you might be surprised what’s possible. 

Start by taking a look at our Dedicated Servers or GPU Hosting, then get in touch for a no-obligation chat.