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23 January, 2023

We blocked thousands of IPs from Azure, all because of one bot

Quintin / News

A single bot with a cunning method of hiding behind multiple IP addresses from Azure has led us to go big on defence. Our Technical Director explains.

14 December, 2022

Holiday Hours, 2022-23

Jishnu / News

As usual over summer, we will operate reduced hours for phone support. Emergency support remains available 24/7 and we'll regularly check emails and support tickets as well.

09 December, 2022

Orders now open for the 2023 SiteHost t-shirt

Max / News

It’s the end of the year which means it’s time for that most treasured of annual traditions, the SiteHost t-shirt giveaway!

04 November, 2022

Microsoft licence costs will climb in 2023

Max / News

A cascade of software licence price increases is hitting the hosting industry. The latest news is from Microsoft.

03 November, 2022

OpenSSL vulnerabilities: Managed Linux servers are already patched

Jishnu / News

If you manage your own Linux server(s), act fast to update OpenSSL.

02 November, 2022

cPanel and Plesk’s prices tick up again. Time for Cloud Containers?

Max / News

cPanel and Plesk price rises have become one of our least favourite end-of-year traditions. Cloud Containers remain a good way to avoid the ratchet.

28 October, 2022

SiteHost API changes accommodate InternetNZ’s new registry platform

Connor / News

If you use the SiteHost API, there are a number of changes coming next Tuesday, November 1.

12 October, 2022

SiteTech Group Acquires Vocus NZ’s Domain and Web Hosting Business

Ben / News

Our parent company is proud to announce the acquisition of Vocus NZ’s domain and web hosting business. 

23 September, 2022

Time to get ready for the new .nz registry system

Max / News

Renew or register .nz domains before 1 November, and prepare for a longer minimum registration period.