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The SiteHost building, seen from air, with over 300 solar panels on the roof.

Talking solar power with Canterbury Tech

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Video re-cap: Yesterday I was invited to present our 'Journey to a Solar-Powered Cloud' at Canterbury Tech's Lunchtime Tech Session for April, with a wide-ranging Q&A afterwards.

We're directly registering international domains now

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A milestone moment introduces a new, more direct approach to registering .com and .org domains with SiteHost.

Order your free 2024 SiteHost t-shirt and celebrate our 20th anniversary!

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Our annual t-shirt giveaway is back, and this time it marks a serious milestone.

Holiday hours, summer 2023-24

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Phone support hours will be reduced over the holiday period. Work on support tickets will keep happening, but on a reduced roster, and we’ll be available 24/7 for emergencies.

Phishing attempts target SiteHost customers

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SiteHost customers are receiving phishing emails with fake login links. Time to add 2FA to your SiteHost account and take other steps to protect yourself.

AWS finds a new toll to charge everyone, calls it "modernisation"

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AWS puts a price on IPv4 addresses while blocking adoption of IPv6. Another reason to think twice about going all in on The Cloud.

Clever companies are leaving the public cloud

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We see bare metal improving faster than cloud services. Market analysts see a US$500B opportunity.

Debian 12 (Bookworm) available on VPS and VDS

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The latest Debian release, which will be supported for five years, is now an option on Linux VPS or Virtual Dedicated Servers.

CentOS Linux and RHEL: Avoid the fallout

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Things have gotten harder for all those servers and hosting platforms that need to get off CentOS soon.

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