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Clever companies are leaving the public cloud

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We see bare metal improving faster than cloud services. Market analysts see a US$500B opportunity.

Debian 12 (Bookworm) available on VPS and VDS

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The latest Debian release, which will be supported for five years, is now an option on Linux VPS or Virtual Dedicated Servers.

CentOS Linux and RHEL: Avoid the fallout

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Things have gotten harder for all those servers and hosting platforms that need to get off CentOS soon.

SiteHost's self-contained, temperature controlled data centre.

How our data centre performed through Auckland’s extreme weather

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Record-setting rainfall, gale-force winds and cyclones are going to challenge any infrastructure. Our data centre got through it all.

Running Elementor Pro and WooCommerce? Update your plugins ASAP

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All versions of Elementor Pro up to (and including) 3.11.6 allow users to escalate to WordPress admin access.

Windows Server licence costs will climb in 2023

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A cascade of software licence price increases is hitting the hosting industry. The latest news is from Microsoft.

Holiday Hours, 2022-23

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As usual over summer, we will operate reduced hours for phone support. Emergency support remains available 24/7 and we'll regularly check emails and support tickets as well.

Orders now open for the 2023 SiteHost t-shirt

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It’s the end of the year which means it’s time for that most treasured of annual traditions, the SiteHost t-shirt giveaway!

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