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MariaDB Takes the Place of MySQL in New Cloud Container Servers

/ Cloud Containers

After years of defaulting to MySQL, we’re shifting MariaDB up the pecking order.

Announcing Volumes for Cloud Containers

/ Cloud Containers

We’re very happy to announce, and shortly release, Volumes to all Cloud Container customers. A new way to manage assets and files, easily sharing them across containers while limiting access to those that need it.

Cloud Container upgrade to Ubuntu Jammy

/ Cloud Containers

Ubuntu Jammy is the latest LTS release. See how to schedule maintenance for managed Cloud Container servers or update your own unmanaged servers.

Have you noticed how much faster the Cloud Container platform is?

/ Cloud Containers

A small Redis change has massively reduced the waiting time for many jobs on most Cloud Container servers.

Python snakes its way into our newest Cloud Container image

/ Cloud Containers

Our newest prebuilt image for Cloud Containers brings Python + Miniconda to our most popular hosting platform.

Improving the performance of your Laravel queues

/ Technical

While investigating slow servers, we discovered some common performance issues with Laravel queues. Here’s how to speed things up for your sites.

Better SSH Key management comes to Cloud Containers

/ Cloud Containers

Managing your Cloud Containers’ SSH keys just got easier - no more duplicates, and no more keys hidden from the Control Panel.

Craft isn’t an average CMS, so avoid average hosting

/ Cloud Containers

Without the best host, you won’t realise the maximum potential of your Craft CMS websites. Find out how and why SiteHost delivers.

Shopping carts.

Magento means business, and serious hosting decisions

/ Products

Your Magento store needs more than regular shared web hosting, but how much more?

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