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Cloud Containers or VPS? Here's how to choose

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When you need more than shared web hosting, should you Containerise or go virtual in another way?

Two Cloud Container updates - memory reporting and SSH configuration

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We’re tracking memory usage more accurately than ever, and we’ve tweaked the default SSH configuration to better balance security and usability.

Avoid cPanel and Plesk price hikes with Cloud Containers

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cPanel and Plesk licenses are getting more expensive, again, in January. But maybe we can help you avoid the hit.

Cloud Container image updates are coming this week

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Beginning this week, we’re going to automatically update all Cloud Containers running older image versions. This post explains the process, and why older images are becoming a problem.

We’re serving Cloud Containers all over the world

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SiteHost Cloud Containers are our first truly global product. Here’s a quick look at where, and how easily, you can spin up Cloud Containers.

New in Cloud Containers: Container Cloning

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Now you can easily create a copy of an existing container or synchronise the data between two containers.

Linux Ubuntu.

Cloud Containers OS upgrade ensures Linux support through to 2025

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We’re upgrading the operating system under every Cloud Container, ensuring support through to at least April 2025.

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PHP 8.0 Available for Cloud Containers

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PHP 8.0 is out now for Cloud Containers, and there's a few things to know before you dive in.

Customer Profile: Sunny Side Up

/ Case study

Brendan and Ben spoke with Nicolaas from Sunny Side Up - a successful web development agency in Wellington - about his story, Silverstripe, becoming climate positive certified and his experience with us over the years. The beautiful beach photos are courtesy of Nicolaas himself.

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