Release Notes

15 September 2023

  • Account admins can now enforce 2FA

    The role of account Admin has only been around for a few days, and here's its first power boost. By enforcing 2FA (two-factor authentication) across the entire account, Admins give every current and new user 48 hours to set up an extra security check at login, or be locked out. See how to enforce 2FA in the Knowledge Base.

06 September 2023

  • New "Admin" privilege

    A new "Admin" privilege can be assigned to Contacts in your SiteHost account. Admins can customise Module access of other users, and can control some security settings - like upcoming changes to our 2FA feature...

14 August 2023

  • Control Panel logs show the user again

    When viewing logs in the Control Panel, such as account Activity Logs or History on a server, the user that initiated that action is now correctly displayed again.

02 August 2023

  • Easily get account numbers for sub-accounts

    If you use sub-accounts we've made it much easier to match invoices or email notifications to them. Now when viewing the Sub Accounts screen in the Control Panel, the ID will be displayed alongside the name of the account.

24 June 2023

  • More helpful tickets via the Support Centre

    When opening a ticket with us via the Support Centre in the Control Panel (which is always better than emailing us directly) it now provides us more information about what you're requesting help with. This will allow us to provide faster and hopefully better support and process that information to do smart things.

13 June 2023

  • Private Cloud Disk Upgrades

    We've fixed an issue that was preventing Private Cloud customers upgrading disk space on their Virtual Servers and Cloud Containers running on private hardware nodes via the Control Panel or API.