Release Notes

26 September 2023

  • Easy backup restores for Managed Cloud Containers

    Cloud Container backups just got even easier to restore for Managed servers. With the new "Backups" tab you can see all automated and manual backups from the past 14 days, and restore your choice with a simple button press.

    It's an easier, faster and safer way of restoring should something go wrong. It's also another reason to ensure your Cloud Container has Server Management. Read more in the Knowledge Base!

  • Updating redirects with uppercase characters

    Sometimes people put uppercase characters into URLs. Unusual? Perhaps, but we're sure there's a good reason. Which is why any Domain Redirects that you edit with uppercase characters will now update correctly.

15 September 2023

  • Account admins can now enforce 2FA

    The role of account Admin has only been around for a few days, and here's its first power boost. By enforcing 2FA (two-factor authentication) across the entire account, Admins give every current and new user 48 hours to set up an extra security check at login, or be locked out. See how to enforce 2FA in the Knowledge Base.

06 September 2023

  • Cloud Container Volumes

    Volumes are a new way to share files and assets between containers, and to limit SSH/sFTP access to specific directories. They're free for all Cloud Container customers from today. See the announcement on our blog for more.

  • New "Admin" privilege

    A new "Admin" privilege can be assigned to Contacts in your SiteHost account. Admins can customise Module access of other users, and can control some security settings - like upcoming changes to our 2FA feature...

15 August 2023

  • A smarter Add Container button

    While viewing a specific Cloud Container server, click "Add Container" and the form will automatically select the server that you're viewing, saving you a click and scroll. It's the small things.

  • Invoice pagination fix

    When viewing the Invoice listing screen the pagination will now work for those with many, many, invoices. To those impacted, thank you for the ongoing support!

14 August 2023

  • Control Panel logs show the user again

    When viewing logs in the Control Panel, such as account Activity Logs or History on a server, the user that initiated that action is now correctly displayed again.

09 August 2023

  • Debian Bookworm now available

    We've added Debian Bookworm as a distribution choice for our Linux VPS, Linux VDS and Dedicated Server plans so you can get the latest Debian LTS on offer. Find more details on the blog.

02 August 2023

  • Easily get account numbers for sub-accounts

    If you use sub-accounts we've made it much easier to match invoices or email notifications to them. Now when viewing the Sub Accounts screen in the Control Panel, the ID will be displayed alongside the name of the account.

27 July 2023

  • Ubuntu Jammy starts arriving on Cloud Containers

    As is tradition at this point when a new Ubuntu LTS release is ready to go we gradually start updating our Cloud Container platform where it makes sense. First off the ranks this time is Apache + PHP 8.2. You can get all the details on the blog.

19 July 2023

  • SiteHost website performance and accessibility improvements

    This very website has had raft of improvements applied to it. The eagle-eyed among you should notice it being even snappier than before, as well as improvements to accessibility around contrast, ARIA tags and more. Even the SEO robots will find some treats for them.

06 July 2023

  • Mail Server SSL is now friendlier

    In some cases older email clients were getting tripped up by our mail servers SSL handshakes requirements. We've made some changes to make it handle things a bit more gracefully and hopefully prevent any issues.

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