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cPanel and Plesk’s prices tick up again. Time for Cloud Containers?

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cPanel and Plesk price rises have become one of our least favourite end-of-year traditions. Cloud Containers remain a good way to avoid the ratchet.

In a couple of months, when the new year begins, cPanel prices are going to go up. Plesk prices, too. This news might not surprise you: WebPros, the owners of both platforms, clearly signalled an annual price rise plan a few years ago, and they have stuck to their plan. 

So, as we did last year, we’re adjusting our prices to fit the new reality. Unlike 2021 we have also had to factor worsening exchange rates into our new prices. cPanel Solo is unaffected, but every multi-account option will have a new price from January 2023.

New prices from January 2023




Old price

New price

cPanel Solo




cPanel Admin Cloud

Up to 5



cPanel Pro Cloud

Up to 30



cPanel Premier Cloud

Up to 100



Extra sites






Old price

New price

Plesk Web Admin Edition

Up to 10



Plesk Web Pro Edition

Up to 30



Plesk Web Host Edition for VPS




Plesk Web Host Edition for Dedicated Servers




Updated, 16 November: An earlier version of this table only included the higher Plesk Web Host Edition price. We have updated the table to show different prices for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

What’s going on? Why does this keep happening?

Oakley Capital acquired Plesk in 2017 and cPanel in 2018. The next year saw the start of a strong pattern. That was when cPanel started charging per account rather than per server and Plesk's first "major price adjustment" in 18 years took effect. Every year since, cPanel's per-account amount has gone up. The company says they’ll continue to “evaluate our license pricing on an annual basis”.

The best that we can do here at SiteHost is to be transparent about price changes and offer alternatives wherever possible. That's why we'll be contacting every affected customer individually.

CloudLinux is in the mix as well

Earlier this year we were hit by a 5% increase in CloudLinux licence costs, but we didn't mark any of our own prices up at the time. This isn't a WebPros product, but most of the CloudLinux licences that we buy come from WebPros, bundled with cPanel or Plesk. So that's another factor pushing things upwards.

Life beyond cPanel and Plesk

Our Cloud Containers are a popular way to manage hosting without cPanel or Plesk. They’re flexible, easy to use, and since we created the entire product ourselves there’s no WebPros licensing fee to worry about. It’s a quick process to spin up a container or two and see what’s possible.

There’s always more than one way to solve a problem, though, so if you’d rather talk through your options we’re ready to help. Whether you want to make a fast move or just start sketching out an exit plan, be prepared with expert advice that suits the environments you want to run, and the way you manage user access to each of them. Get in touch today.