Cloud Containers or VPS? Here's how to choose

When you need more than shared web hosting, should you Containerise or go virtual in another way?

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If you’re looking for something more than shared web hosting, most providers would tell you that the next step is a virtual private server, or VPS. But more SiteHost customers opt for our Cloud Containers, which might be less familiar but are usually easier to work with.

How similar are Cloud Containers and VPS?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Cloud Containers both use virtualisation technology to partition servers and allocate hardware resources on cloud platforms.

However, a VPS is more like renting an unfurnished house where you have to set up everything yourself, from interior design layout to the pieces of furniture that will come with it. Having Cloud Containers, on the other hand, is like renting an apartment where you get to pick all the furniture and decorations, and find them in place on move-in day.

Why Cloud Containers?

The better question is: why wouldn’t you go with Cloud Containers? After all, it gives many developers the flexibility they need to run different websites with less work on the technical side.

And aside from this, it boasts other benefits:

At SiteHost, our Cloud Container platform comes with pre-built containers that are designed to make it easy to run your websites and applications. Additionally, we are proactive in improving the Cloud Container platform so you can develop things more quickly and easily.

Just recently, we released Container Cloning, which allows you to easily create a copy of an existing container or synchronise the data between two containers without worrying about the technical work or disruptions to your live sites.

Why VPS?

With a VPS you get some of the benefits of shared hosting mixed with some of the advantages of a Dedicated Server. Here, you still have physical “server-mates” but there are resources allocated only to your virtual server.

One thing you must take note of is if you’re looking for hosting for your Windows environment, VPS is for you. Cloud Containers cannot run Windows.

The main benefits with VPS are:

Either way, why SiteHost?

At SiteHost, whether you go for a VPS or Cloud Containers, we take hardware very seriously. Your websites will run on modern CPUs and NVMe storage. They also run faster for your kiwi customers because our datacentres are right here in New Zealand.

The dedication of our expert engineers is also what makes SiteHost a preferred hosting provider. Our engineers are available 24/7/365 and we measure our response time in minutes, not hours (or days).

Customers on every single hosting option we offer love being on modern hardware and getting great expert support from a local New Zealand company. Sign up with us today and see why SiteHost is a trusted leader in the industry.

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