Release Notes

06 September 2023

  • Cloud Container Volumes

    Volumes are a new way to share files and assets between containers, and to limit SSH/sFTP access to specific directories. They're free for all Cloud Container customers from today. See the announcement on our blog for more.

15 August 2023

  • A smarter Add Container button

    While viewing a specific Cloud Container server, click "Add Container" and the form will automatically select the server that you're viewing, saving you a click and scroll. It's the small things.

27 July 2023

  • Ubuntu Jammy starts arriving on Cloud Containers

    As is tradition at this point when a new Ubuntu LTS release is ready to go we gradually start updating our Cloud Container platform where it makes sense. First off the ranks this time is Apache + PHP 8.2. You can get all the details on the blog.

06 July 2023


29 June 2023

  • Even faster jobs on Cloud Containers

    Hot on the heels of massively speeding up Cloud Container jobs with some Redis improvements back in May we've found another optimisation. This time we've sped up the authentication process that confirms whether a job is allowed to take place, which speeds up every action (think creating a container or deleting a database) by a further ~2 seconds. A smaller win this time, but each improvement adds up to an even more responsive platform.

21 June 2023

  • Smarter service discovery for Cloud Containers

    Underneath the covers of the Cloud Container platform we've greatly improved the service discovery capabilities for new types of containers. This means you can expect to see more Service and Integrated containers, that have more capabilities out of the box.

13 June 2023

  • Erroneous Cloud Container Caching

    In some rare edge cases involving malformed docker-compose files, Cloud Container Caching would randomly turn on. And while this is a great feature that many people should use, it will now only turn on when requested.

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