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Orders now open for the 2023 SiteHost t-shirt

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It’s the end of the year which means it’s time for that most treasured of annual traditions, the SiteHost t-shirt giveaway!

Orders closed, 19 December. We will ship t-shirts early in the new year.

Our 2023 design is a multi-coloured, high-tech extravaganza that’s come straight from Ariel, our in-house designer. There are three colour schemes, which we’ll distribute at random.

Orders are open now, for a limited time. We’ll deliver anywhere in New Zealand or Australia, so long as you get in quick. 

As usual we’re printing on AS Colour shirts that are 100% cotton and sourced through a responsible supply chain. Both women’s and men’s cuts are available.

Spotting SiteHost Ts in the wild

Our last shirt set a record when we sent out over 900 of them last summer. The more that end up out there in the big wide world, the more our chances of seeing our shirts out and about, or popping up on social media. 

Will you help make 2023 be the year we crack a thousand for the first time? Get your order in now and we'll be one closer.