Our Story

The Beginning

Many people have had a poor experience with a hosting company, you have probably had one too. It’s an industry which is easy to get started in but extremely hard to do well, and back in 2004 options were limited, especially in New Zealand.

People wanted a hosting company that they could rely on to run their successful projects, so did Quintin and Nathan. That’s how SiteHost started. One small server used to sell Shared Hosting with a focus on customer service and many sleepless nights.

It worked. Customers started coming in and SiteHost quickly grew. More servers were purchased, the team expanded and the office moved. The rest they say is history, which really means over a decade of hard work, some lows and some big highs in a rapidly changing industry.

SiteHost Today

The hosting industry has changed dramatically and we have with it. Our team is bigger, we have thousands of customers and we have decades of combined experience, but our goals remain the same.

We still work hard each day to provide a better experience than our competitors. Thankfully the standard is higher than it was back in 2004, but that’s okay. We believe it can be even better, plus we love a challenge.

Our Company Values

We know company values can come across as cliché or pandering to an audience, but these aren’t for you, they are for us. This is our public statement of what we strive for, to help keep us honest and focused. We won’t get it right every time, nobody is perfect, but that won’t stop us trying.

Customers First

Everything we do should be guided by what is best for our customers. Their kind words and recommendations have helped build this business and will continue to do so. Giving them the best experience we can is our primary focus.

Open & Honest

Be open and honest at all times. Hosting is a transaction of trust. In many cases we are literally keeping our customers business running; that trust is earned.

Be Better

We aim to provide the best products and service we can. There are many companies that do what we do and we want to differentiate ourselves by doing it better. When it comes to our work we should go the extra mile and pay attention to the details that others will miss.

People Sharing The Love

People saying nice things about us is always great to hear, but when they say it publicly without us asking it's even better.

Rebecca Cox @theArtOfPeople

Can anyone recommend a good UK-based web hosting provider? Looking for the British equivalent of @sitehostnz or someone equally awesome!

Regan Murphy @nzregs

@Indy_Griffiths now thats what i call great, and fast, #CustomerService - nice work @sitehostnz !!