Reseller Domains & Reseller Email

Let your customers work directly with you for their domains, emails and hosting with our Reseller Solutions. Take control using the SiteHost control panel, give them access to their own sub-accounts, create your own tools using our API or use our plugin for WHMCS integration.

Domain Name Reseller

Every SiteHost customer is automatically set up with a Domain Name Reseller account which offers advanced reseller functionality. You do not need to apply for anything or go to another website to administer your domain names, you can do it all through our simple Control Panel.

We know that registering domains using websites and control panels can be a tedious, confusing and frustrating task - especially when trying to manage tens or hundreds of domains. SiteHost offers complete control of this process to our customers via an intuitive, feature-rich Control Panel as well as programmatic access to all the Control Panel features via our powerful API. Our Control Panel is optimised for excellent performance and our support staff are highly skilled, meaning you save valuable time with SiteHost, and get everything done very quickly and efficiently.

Please see the Domain Pricing in our Control Panel for all domains and pricing information.

Quantity .nz, .au, .com, (Per Year + GST) .net / .org (Per Year + GST)
1 to 19 $35.00 $35.00
20 to 49 $29.00 $32.00
50 to 99 $25.50 $31.00
100 to 249 $24.50 $30.00
250 to 499 $23.50 $29.00
500 to 999 $22.50 $28.00
1000+ $20.00 $27.00

Email Hosting

We have reliable email services available to all customers with plans for big or small users. Out of the box we support both POP3 and IMAP so you can easily set up your email on your laptop, tablet and mobile. You can also access your email through our modern webmail interface.

When it comes to managing your email our Control Panel makes it extremely easy to manage your mailboxes, forwarders and nicknames so you don’t need to use a separate system.

If you have any questions about our email hosting or would like to discuss a custom plan to suit your requirements please get in touch, we will be happy to help.

Feature Basic Package Reseller Package
Domains 1 1-40
Mailboxes 5 40
Storage 2.5GB 40GB
Monthly Price (excl. gst) $5.00 $40.00

Key Statistics

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