Release Notes

29 May 2024

  • DNS changes in Activity Logs

    If you manage DNS Zones via the SiteHost Control Panel, DNS changes will now show under Account > Activity Logs. There's a full run-down of DNS management in the Knowledge Base.

28 May 2024

  • Option to "Swap Registrar" when renewing domains

    Last month we started acting as the registrar, rather than just an onseller, when you register new .com or .org domains. Today we've added in renewals, but left you in control. If you want to cut out the reseller, you can swap your domain's registrar to us when you renewing your domain(s). Read three reasons why this is a good idea in the blog. This option will apply to a growing list of TLDs over time.

27 May 2024

  • Bulk transfer NZ domains

    Got a lot of NZ domains with another registrar? You can now transfer them all to us in one fell swoop. If convenience has been putting off your switch, now is a good time! The Knowledge Base explains how it works.

10 May 2024

  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) now available on High Performance Virtual Servers

    After thorough testing, we have added Ubuntu's latest long-term support release, Noble Numbat, to the HPVS platform. There's more about this distro in the blog.

06 May 2024

  • Registrar for new .io and .travel domains

    Continuing on from changes on May 1, we (under the name "Webslice International") are now the registrar when you register new .io and .travel domains.

01 May 2024

  • We're now the registrar for more new domains

    Building on a change noted (and blogged about) on March 12, we are now the registrar and not just the retailer when you register new .net, .cc, .tv, and .name domains. Existing domains are unaffected. The name we use as an international registrar is "Webslice International".

26 April 2024

  • Tidier domain renewals and transfers

    We've solved a couple of issues with the APIs that we use to communicate with domain resellers. The first fix resolved an issue that was preventing renewal reminders from being sent. Separately, there was a problem with some attempted transfers ended up with domains being cancelled. This was related to renewal windows, and is no longer happening.

12 March 2024

  • New .com and .org domains: We're the registrar now

    We've received ICANN accreditation and made all the necessary technical preparations. Now we can finally start operating as a registrar, rather than just a retailer, of .com and .org domains. This is a start which, for now, only applies to new registrations or transfers (not renewals) of those two TLDs. Where a reseller's name used to show as the registrar, you'll see our sister company's name, Webslice International, instead. As the blog explains, that's us: same team, same owners.

11 January 2024

  • Bulk domain renewal

    Managing a lot of domains? Now you can select as many of them as you like, and then renew them all at once. This time-saver has been requested a lot, and we're looking forward to seeing it get plenty of use.

05 December 2023

  • API tweaks to container end points and docs

    A few updates for users of the SiteHost API, mostly concerning dates on container end points. First, you can now see the created and date_updated information for container servers via the cloud/server/list_all endpoint. Secondly, the cloud/server/list_all, cloud/stack/list_all and cloud/stack/image/list_all endpoints now let you pass an updated_since parameter to only return items that have been modified on or after the specified date. All these changes are noted in our API documentation which has also had a once-over to fix some mistakes and clarify example code.

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