SiteHost API

Do you need to create New Zealand based servers using an API? Do you want to white-label your own control panel to be able to resell VPS Hosting, Email Hosting and Domain Names?

You can do all of that with the SiteHost API.

What can you do with the SiteHost API?

Our API enables you to have programmatic access to SiteHost systems, tools and resources in your account. Generally speaking, if it's possible within the SiteHost Control Panel, then you can make it happen with our API.

A few examples of useful things that you can use the API for:

To read what is possible with our API please refer to our API documentation.

How do I get access to the SiteHost API?

To start working with our API you will need an API Key. To get an API Key you'll need to email us letting us know your SiteHost Client ID and which API endpoints you would like access to.

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