With hosting there are generally four key aspects you’re looking for — speed, stability, scalability and security. We ensure everything about our hosting infrastructure is optimised to deliver these by partnering best-of-breed hardware with a team of highly experienced engineers.


At SiteHost we take the utmost pride in operating our very own network. This means we are able to deliver you a more consistent hosting experience. Our network is powered by industry leading Cisco and Juniper network equipment, with redundant network connections to ensure a single fault should not result in downtime for our customers. Our network is designed to be as efficient as possible with direct interconnect with most major New Zealand network providers ensuring the shortest and fastest path possible reaching your server and website.

Data Centres

We currently utilise two colocation facilities in Auckland, New Zealand and one in Sydney, Australia. Doing this means that we can provide better services for you by making us more location neutral and helps ensure that you experience the uptime that your applications demand. Both of these facilities provide all the security and redundancy you would expect of somewhere housing your important data. Our equipment is monitored 24/7 by CCTV, and housed in individually locked cabinets behind several layers of physical security including biometric and RFID security systems ensuring equipment is only accessed by authorised engineers.

In order to keep our equipment running as smoothly as possible we only host in facilities with climate controlled environments and optimised airflow, which ensures optimal hardware performance and lifetime. We use redundant parallel UPS and auto-start backup generators with standby diesel to ensure a continuous supply of power to our cabinets and Redundant A+B Power Distribution Units (PDU) to ensure continuous power supply inside our cabinets. All of these measures combined help ensure that your servers remain running 24/7.


We always strive to use the best hardware available to us and we are constantly evaluating new technology. Our servers currently use the latest Intel processors, with RAID to ensure the maximum availability possible. We have out of band management configured for all components of our infrastructure ensuring any of our engineers can diagnose faults remotely, all this ensures less downtime for you.

If hardware fails or disaster strikes, backups are essential which is why we take such care in our backup processes. We back up all data that we possibly can in a secure, off-site location with a modern fire suppression system.

We also always have at least one engineer available on call in the event of an emergency. Our engineers have 24/7 access to all equipment housed in Auckland, New Zealand and remote power and console access to any equipment located offshore.

The Short Version

Key Statistics

We have built the infrastructure and support team that your business can rely on, but we'll let the numbers do the talking.


You can rely on us and our uptime. For the last month we are at 99.966%

Based on data from external third party monitoring. See our Network Status for more. Last updated: Today

We measure our response time to support tickets in minutes not hours.

Our average response time to support tickets during business hours this week. Last updated: Today

Our customers consistently rate their support experience as excellent.

Based on the last 200 support ratings we have received which are asked for on every ticket. Last updated: Today