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Operations & System Engineers

We’re looking for system engineers to help run our substantial and growing infrastructure.

As well as helping run infrastructure you’ll also be part of our support team, keeping our customers happy and providing the support we’re renowned for.

You should have strong knowledge in at least a couple of these areas: Linux server administration, virtualisation, network administration, scripting languages and popular web frameworks.

The tools we're using today could be different in a few months. So, if you enjoy always learning new things, challenging yourself and working in an ever-changing environment then SiteHost is the place for you.

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In Our Own Words

We asked some of our team members why they chose SiteHost, what the application process was like, and what it's like to work here. Read the Inside Word.

This is a place where they encourage upskilling and growth, so if you’re the type of person that loves taking on new challenges, this is the right place for you.

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Since we use a multitude of different tools/scripts written in different languages, I've been picking things up on the daily. I mainly work with bash, PHP and Python but also use Ansible and Docker quite a lot. I'm now familiar with CMSs such as WordPress and Silverstripe, as well as integrated Web hosting tools like cPanel and Plesk. I've also had to learn how domains and DNS work, along with networking and hardware.

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Operations team

I applied because I liked the variety in the role. It sounded like SiteHost were working with some pretty cool tech and in a lot of different areas, so I’d have an opportunity to find what interests me. I also really liked the interview process which was a series of challenges, some programming and some Linux admin tasks, which gave me a good feel for what I would be doing in the role.

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Operations/Product & Automation

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Read more about what it's like to work at SiteHost, and how the application process works, on our SiteHost careers page.

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