Case Study: Lero9

Business Objective

Lero9 is one of New Zealand’s leading Magento e-commerce specialists, providing effective and innovative solutions that enable their clients to reach their online business goals.

Business Solution

SiteHost Cloud Platform, Magento Optimised Servers, Server Management

Business Benefits

Allowed Lero9 to focus on core business, allowing specialisation in web development with the Magento and confidence in a well-managed server environment.

Case Study

Lero9 is a boutique creative web agency providing Strategic Web Design, custom Web Development, E-Commerce Services and Online Marketing. Building long-term relationships with clients is important to the Lero9 business objectives, and selecting an established hosting partner with a proven track record, who can deliver consistent and quality service, is critical. “When we first looked for a hosting company to host our client’s Magneto sites, we came across some positive reviews online,” says Robert Popovic, Technical Director with Lero9. “We are confident that SiteHost has the right attitude and expertise in the hosting and server administration field, and particularly, with Magento”.

Lero9 sees SiteHost as a natural partner to deliver services to their clients. “SiteHost is our preferred hosting partner,” says Leanne Fleming, Creative Director with Lero9. “A major part of this comes down to the SiteHost team. SiteHost staff is always responsive and polite. They deal with issues professionally and efficiently and offer great advice. SiteHost’s investment into staff development and training to very high levels has been clear to Lero9. “SiteHost staff has a high level of expertise in the hosting arena”.

“SiteHost takes away the challenges of hosting and provides knowledgeable and expert support and quality service.”

Working with complex and evolving systems doesn’t always go smoothly, but when there are problems, Lero9 has confidence that SiteHost is there to help. “One of our client’s sites had performance and stability issues.” says Robert from Lero9 “SiteHost worked with us to install performance monitoring software and interpret the data with the goal to identify the main issues causing the instabilities.” The business partnership between SiteHost as hosting providers and server managers and Lero9 as web developers has strengthened by mutual co-operation. “Both SiteHost and us took steps to address the identified issues which resulted in noticeable improvements to the site stability.” Having a responsive hosting partner has meant Lero9 has been able to quickly and efficiently improve service and deliver value for money. “SiteHost is fantastic value for money”.

Leanne and Robert are aware that choosing SiteHost as a hosting partner has helped them grow their business. SiteHost’s stable and secure hosting environment and attention to detail has helped Lero9 become the reputable and successful web development company they are today. “We are now so busy, we now sometimes have to turn away work.” says Robert. “With SiteHost, we don’t need to supply hosting services in-house, and we have access to an experienced team of web hosting experts at hand to resolve any issues that arise.” This means Lero9 is able to focus on training their staff in their core areas leaving server management to SiteHost.