Talking About You in 2021

Our newly-hired storyteller wants the world to know more about interesting New Zealand businesses, like yours.

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After the ridiculously unpredictable year that was 2020, making plans for 2021 might seem like the height of hubris. Any pessimists out there might want to go and grab a grain of salt before reading on, because this post is all about a big idea we have for next year and beyond. It’s about us getting you in front of a wider audience and helping you claim your space in New Zealand’s tech scene.

A few different things have all come together at the right time. Firstly, we’ve found ourselves in a market-leading position, which we believe comes with a certain responsibility to the industry. Secondly, we’ve started building up more capacity to create cool content. Thirdly, we’ve seen and heard about some amazing things that SiteHost customers have achieved in one of the hardest years we’ve ever known.

That feeling when the biggest fish leaps out of the pond

After a recent international acquisition scooped up some familiar names, we’re now the biggest NZ-owned web hosting company. A lot of great kiwi companies rely on us, and every one of them has a story to tell.

Especially since 2020 upended the global economy (and more), we think there’s value for everyone in showing where kiwi success comes from - the combination of your story and ours.

Now that our competition has drifted overseas, who better than the largest NZ-owned web hosting company to promote other local businesses who are doing great things?

Meet our new Head of Digital Marketing

I’m Max, and I’ve recently come on board as SiteHost’s first Head of Digital Marketing. Among other things, this means that we have more capacity than ever to devote to efforts that promote good ways to do business in New Zealand.

We’ve profiled customers in blog posts for a while now, but 2021 is going to be the year that we do more. There are a few good reasons for us to put effort into this. Obviously we’re a business and we think it will benefit us, but we also recognise that helping your business grow is the right thing as well. When you grow, we grow as well.

I’m keen to see stories told in a lot of different ways - as interviews, case studies, on video or perhaps audio (everyone’s into podcasts these days, right?), or by getting a range of contributors to weigh in on a particular topic. There are a lot of ways to put you (and us) in front of a growing audience within NZ’s tech and web sectors, so let’s find out what works best!

The incredible things that SiteHost customers have done

We’ve already profiled some inspiring customers, like Nicolaas from Sunny Side Up, a web design agency that makes a positive climate impact; Brendan from The Space InBetween, who had some deep thoughts to share about how humans, technology and business connect; and Sean and Tony from i-lign (now Legend), with 20 years of experience helping clients embrace change. This is how we know that SiteHost customers have interesting stories to share - we’ve heard them!

As a SiteHost customer, you’re already doing the supportive thing and buying local. You’ve probably discovered how much more you can achieve with a quick and responsive support team behind your web hosting. You know how different digital business is without web hosting worries in the back of your mind. You’re a successful, clear-minded business with smart things to say: The more New Zealand companies know what you know, the better. And we reckon that you deserve to be promoted.

How it works when we team up

If you’re in Auckland you’re welcome to have a sit down and a chat in person. We provide traditional after-work fare (which usually means something like pizza and beer), ask you a few questions about you and your company, and then we do the content creation work.

Teaming up for a video works a little differently, but we’re not going to put you in front of bright lights in a big fancy studio. We’d rather see the real you, where you do your thing. Your everyday webcam shows you in your element, where you’re comfortable and productive. For videos we’re more likely to choose a theme and invite a number of businesses to contribute their thoughts.

Whatever format we’re working in, we’ll make sure that you’re happy with how good we’ve made you look before we publish and promote your story.

Keen to be seen?

So, can we help you get in front of an audience of thousands? Drop an email to and we’ll be in touch to make it happen.

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