Saying Goodbye to Cheques

After 360 impressive years the world is starting to say goodbye to cheques – and so are we.

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The cheque, once a powerhouse of payments has become almost obsolete, and now as we enter a new decade it’s time for us (and Kiwibank) to say a fond goodbye to something that has served the world well for so long.

In fact, cheques have been in circulation for over 360 years, that’s an impressive run for anything, let alone something so important as financial transactions. But recently cheque usage has been declining 20% year-on-year – largely being replaced by faster, more reliable and more secure electronic payments.

Due to this change, Kiwibank will no longer be issuing or accepting cheques as a form of payment from the 28th of February, 2020. As Kiwibank is our banking partner we will also be going cheque-free. That means we won’t be able to honour any cheques received after the 28th of February, however don’t worry, paying online has never been easier, and you’ll save a few trees in the process!

Moving forward you will have two easy ways to pay us, both are quick to setup (plus Direct Debit has no transaction fees) and will ensure your invoices are paid automatically, on-time, without having to lift a finger:

Credit Card

To add a Credit Card, simply log into the SiteHost Control Panel and select Billing from the left menu. Once on the Billing page, select the Credit Card navigation tab. Finally, click the Add Credit Card button, fill in your details and click Add Card. That’s all!

Direct Debit

To setup Direct Debit, log into the SiteHost Control Panel, click on the Billing section in the left menu, and select the Direct Debit tab. Once you’ve entered your details, and clicked Setup Direct Debit we will debit $1 from your account to ensure you have authority. When this arrives in your bank account, find the code in the Code field and enter it into form under Direct Debit in our Control Panel.

If you’d prefer to pay your invoices manually, simply go to the invoice via the Control Panel, click Pay Now and enter your details.

Once either of those are setup you are good to go. We know some of you may have fond memories of receiving your first cheque book (and some of us in the office do too) the march of progress must continue – so if you need any help with this transition or have any questions, as always, get in touch.

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