New SiteHost Shirt (2019 Edition)

We're back with our 2019 Edition sporting a new design and three unique colour schemes. Get in quick to secure your free shirt.

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Another year is just around the corner and with it comes our 2019 Edition t-shirt and once again for a short window it's completely free to order your own.

This year we worked with the talented Blake Beckford on the design and we're really happy with the final look. In fact, after looking at over 20 colour combinations we couldn't narrow it down any further than the three you see below. So we're going to print all of them and it's luck of the draw which you get. Personally I'm hoping for the magenta one but we'll see!

Just like the last two years we'll be printing the shirts on high quality 100% cotton AS Colour shirts and we're happy to see they're continuing their work on social responsibility which you can read here.

Ordering & Delivery

We're accepting orders for the next two weeks from people living in Australia and New Zealand, sorry we can't ship anywhere else. We will be running the print when we're back in the office in January so you can expect to get yours later that month or early February.

Anyway, enough talk, if you like what you see go and fill out the form and secure yours.

Orders are now closed, sorry!

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