March Domain Deal

Many of us are guilty of having domains all over the place, so we thought we’d give everyone some motivation to get things tidied up.

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In our most recent newsletter we mentioned a simple domain promotion we're running to help you get your domains organised and under one roof. It's pretty simple:

Transfer any domain into your SiteHost account from February 22nd to March 31st and you will receive $5.00 account credit.

That’s it, easy! You can view a few more details and answers to common questions below.

Are there any transfer fees?
No. Do note that international domains such as .com need to be renewed on transfer though.

What are your domain prices?
You can find pricing on our website here. You'll find them competitive and they get cheaper the more domains you have with us.

When will the credit be applied?
At the start of April we will review your account and will apply the credit for every completed inbound transfer.

Can SiteHost help transfer my domains?
Yes. We have completed many mass domain migrations and will be more than happy to help with yours. We may need to charge for our time depending on how complex the migration is. Talk to us.

Are there any rules or conditions?
Don’t try and abuse the offer. We don’t want to, but we reserve the right to withhold or reverse any account credit for any reason. An example would be when we suspect that you’re trying to cheat the system by transferring domains in and back out, or transferring domains between SiteHost accounts and even sister brands for example.

We also won't apply any credit in situations where we have done a free bulk transfer of domains for you. In short, play nice and everyone will be happy.